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WANTED: New Logo Design for an IT Firm

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PLEASE STOP submitting new ideas, unless I have specifically asked you to submit a revision, I have a short list of candidates that I am making the final decision upon.

Nom de la marque

Tech Caddie

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are launching a new IT consulting company that comes on-site to the customer's place of business. We will consult and advise on a customer's existing and anticipated computing environment as well as design, service, and repair computing/networking equipment.

We are catering to, in this rank order, small business professionals, SOHO professionals working from home, students on campus, and older customers who might be 'afraid of' technology.

In terms of the company's vision, much as a 'golf caddie' works closely with his player to help him successfully navigate the course hazards and shoot the lowest score possible on the golf course, a 'Tech Caddie' works closely with the customer to help them navigate the advantages (fairways) and the disadvantages (hazards) of technology. The end goal being to utilize technology so that it works for the customer to help them achieve their business goals and stay on the course to success.

Our company will capitalize on the lackluster service and professionalism presented by the big-box stores and separate itself from the competition by providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer and encapsulated in a sense of professional service and attention to detail that is unparalleled.The service we provide is the kind that spreads like wildfire by word-of-mouth referrals - the kind you want to tell others about.

We do not have any specific visual ideas to lead you in the right direction,however we will provide as much feedback as possible to help you all focus in on the best designs.

Lastly, though this is simply a contest for a logo, we will likely extend the deal and utilize the winning designer for our future promotional efforts and ads. We like longterm relationships with people who know us, understand our wants/needs, and understand our business.


- Instantly recognizable (brandable)
- Clean, modern, friendly, and professional - something customers will recognize and remember
- Designs should be able to be utilized on a variety of media - web, print, business cards, invoices shirts, etc so the following formats preferred .eps, .jpg/.png/.gif, and .tiff
- Designs that will have full copyright transferred to us - however we are happy for you to display the logo in your portfolio.
- Designs will be in color most of the time, but still need to work in black and white with no gradients, i.e. if faxing an invoice or proposal.

Ne veut pas

- Designs should not be overly flashy/busy.
- Designs that are essentially the company name next to clipart. These types will be eliminated promptly. Winning design should be 100% original.
- Designs that are too geeky, We do not mind incorporation of subtle elements linking it to the IT industry, technology, and/or computers.

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