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Virtual Connections Social Network (VCsN)

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Nom de la marque

VCsN - Virtual Connections Social Network (aka


NOTE: Two related logo contests are running - one for the primary Virtual Connections Network (VCN) brand and one for the subsidiary/secondary branding of the Virtual Connections Social Network (VCsN). To ensure a cohesive presentation of task requirements, the information below is posted under both contests. BE SURE SUBMISSIONS MATCH THE APPROPRIATE CONTEST TITLE (Either VCN or VCsN).

Value Statement: The ideal VCN logo will reflect a polished, knowledgeable professional IT web service organization that "doesn't take itself too seriously". Values provide us our internal sense of balance. For a business community, values inform and shape the way we initiate and maintain business relationships. VCN core values are: Financial Vitality, Purposeful Innovation and Artful Collaboration.

For organizations, collaboration is THE creative process. It is both an Art and Practice which when reflected in the organization's core business processes support and nurture the creation and delivery of first-class products and services. Building successful business processes is all about designing high-performance ways of working together.

Process-centric collaboration leads to creative, innovative solutions that directly contributes to customer satisfaction and fosters long-term customer and vendor relationships. This in turn, generates financial vitality for all contributers!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

1.) Virtual Connections Network (VCN)
Virtual Connections Network (VCN) will provide IT Services to the small business community, with a special emphasize on practitioners of the Healing Arts (Healers, Artists, Musicians) and the communities they serve. Committed to the open source business philosophy, VCN IT Service Packages will bundle open source applications to ensure a reasonably priced, professional on-line presence for business clients. VCN IT Service Packages will be offered on a membership basis only.

While VCN maintains a special interest in serving HAC practitioners, HAC members are viewed as an identifiable sub-segment of the larger SMB (small to midsized business) target audience market to be served.

Establishing a means by which small business clients can join together to purchase services seeds additional business opportunities for IT and Business Service Providers and leverages the target audience's shared service requirements. While each business account will be operated completely independently, all accounts will be serviced according to published service package specifications.

2.) Virtual Connections Social Network (VCsN)
VCsN will augment VCN Service Packages by providing a business social network community environment within which VCN members can explore collaborative business opportunities and easily maintain on-going communications with clients.


To maintain brand cohesion and ensure a single, visual 'voice' both the VCN and VCsN logos must preserve a coordinated, visually consistent look and feel (shape, color, fonts, etc). Consequently, "paired" logo submission (one for VCN and one for VCsN) is most likely to meet with successful selection.

Tag Line: While the tag-line has not been finalized, the following phrase is close: "Driving off-line activities through on-line connections".

The ideal logo will represent the dynamic cycle between making connections "virtually" that enhance and support "off-line" local business community activities and interactions. VCN aims to excel at "driving off-line activities through on-line connections". VCN builds coalitions to build connectedness. “Its in the Weave”. Feel free to play with possible tag lines...

File Format Requirements:
- Print file format - .ai (CMYK)
- Web file format - .jpg and layered .psd (RGB)

While open to any color scheme, am drawn to teals, burnt oranges and coppery, rusty (red) browns. Selected colors will balance a crisp, energetic feeling while offering a sense of grounded, warm, hospitality. Colors chosen must easily form the foundation for the organization's website design color pallet.

Labels for Photoshop .psd file layers must be clear and self-explanatory. The file should be free of any testing or interim layers.

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