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VIP Travel-My company is going global-needs cool image! avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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VIP Alpine Tours and VIP Travel


**Your logo will be seen around the world! Im looking for that worldly vibe to it**
VIP Alpine Tours/VIP Travel is a small full service travel agency and tour
operator that is growing quickly and becoming more internationally
known. We are looking for an original, colorful, cutting edge, Web 2.0
type logo. We are in the process of building a dynamic new website
that will be featured in numerous languages promoting travel around
the world, as well as inbound tourism to the Southeast USA.
We operate under different names; VIP Alpine Tours, VIP Travel and VIP Southern Tours so we are looking for logo that would be fun, fresh and dynamic to promote world wide travel. We love some of the unique globe designs but are open to your artwork and design!
Brand Name
VIP Alpine Tours (also should brand with VIP Southern Tours, VIP Florida
Tours, and VIP Travel)

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target market and reason for branding is business global expansion and to have a brand logo The travel product is open to consumers but we
are branching out to tourism bureaus, CVBs, international travelers
and tour operators and the hospitality industry. We want this design
to appeal to both male and female audiences in all age brackets as
well as to other international businesses. Because these individuals are in the marketing profession and users of the Apple IPhone, we expect them to have a very high appreciation of good design, and we are setting a high bar for ourselves and our corporate identity.

Business is operating under 3 interchangable names, VIP Travel, VIP Alpine Tours and VIP Southern Tours, so I am looking for the same logo to work with each design.
What I like under logo store w 99designs
Business Planet by namelok
Global 1 by keegan
Socialpoint by a.methods
and I like


The logo needs to have a "design element" that works well in the small "App" button format, but also works as a website banner and then scale to accommodate a large trade show banner.
Not a small "request", but we know the right design is out there. We have in
mind something with a globe. We value the simple over the complex designs, we just dont want it too simple and abstract looking.

We are open minded on your design approach, so please interpret the design guidelines with broad audience.
Ideally we are looking for a progressive Web 2.0 look.
If we can summarize in adjectives what we are looking for it would be; Bold,
Progressive, Smart, Analytics, Fun, Global, Sphere and Mobile and EASY!
My old "tagline" is "We bring you the World". I am also working on a new one but so far havent come up with anything exciting yet. Please incorporate a phrase area into design, but "freestanding" so we can "opt" to use it in the specific medium.
Because the main name of the company is called VIP Travel we would like the logo theme to be loosely based on a round "sphere" concept. Prefer logo to express the notion of global mobility, "sphere" and "on the go".
We of course want complete copyright to the design, so please no embedded clip art.
We like "bright" greens and blues and yellows but are open to other colors and color combinations.

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