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Vintage Sports Charity Events--Using History to Raise $ for Kids

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Get in the Box! (The Get in the Box Foundation)


We are a brand new coalition of professional athletes and coaches dedicated to gathering donations in excess of $10 million (per year). The resulting fund will be used for distributing and managing grants to schools, youth organizations, research bodies, and other entities that are actively engaged in fixing our growing national youth obesity crisis.

Get in the Box will raise money via two strategies:

(1) A broad reaching networking campaign to recruit current pro athletes in every sport to give large donations.

(2) A series of unique, "vintage" sports events--played in cities all over the country--in which Hall of Fame athletes will play live games using all the rules, equipment, and traditions of their sport as it played over 100 years ago. For example, legends such Cal Ripken and Nolan Ryan will put on old baggy knickers, wear old fashioned gloves, and hit the field to play 1880's baseball. 100% of the proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales, memorabilia, etc. will be donated to the Get in the Box Foundation. Baseball will be the first sport; others such as vintage golf and vintage basketball will be added over time.

"The Inaugural Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown" is a good example of these events. Information and photographs can be found at:

The GET IN THE BOX Foundation leverages the history of sports and the concept of "Legends".

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience includes individuals and companies who are active and sports-minded, who wish to contribute significant dollars to efforts aimed at critical, large scale issues in children's fitness and wellness. For example: youth obesity levels are climbing rapidly; meanwhile, resources for preventing and curing obesity, such as physical education, youth sports, and parks and recreation are being eliminated and cut from municipal and school budgets. If not vigorously addressed, the problem will be a staggering burden on our country's economy and productivity in the near future.

In the interest of leveraging sports to address this problem, the Get In The Box Foundation will specifically be interacting, partnering with, and requesting donations from:

(1) High net worth individuals who are huge sports fans.
(2) Companies vested in health, fitness, wellness, etc.
(3) Professional athletes and coaches.
(4) Professional leagues (such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc.).

It is essential that our logo communicate a strong athletic, sports-focused identity. It needs to be hard-hitting and masculine, and invoke the kind of image that logos for professional teams and high profile sports tournaments (such as the U.S. Open and World Cup) stimulate. The logo needs to fuel a reaction in people that causes them to really want to jump on board and give as much as they can.


"GET IN THE BOX!" is the name of the foundation for two critical reasons:

(1) Communicate a sense of urgency! Get people involved to give money to the cause. In baseball, the phrase "get in the box" is used by players, athletes, umpires, etc. as a metaphor for getting focused, getting to work, taking on pressure, and getting the job done. This foundation is about people with wealth stepping up to the plate, NOW!

(2) Communicate the opposite of all the "think out of the box" fluff out there. Instead of having your mind the clouds, being creative, and trying to be "cute, clever, etc." it's time to take real, hard, nut and bolts responsibility for the impact we are having on the next generation. The economic downturn and mortgage crisis are largely because of financial institutions and wealthy people/companies getting too creative and bending too many rules. The Get In The Box Foundation is making the statement that it's time to stop doing all that B.S., stop being greedy, stop taking advantage of the masses to generate wealth for the elite... and start being responsible; start getting focused on the most important issues for the future health and success of our population.

KEY NOTE: The logo should communicate the exact same direct, bottom-line message/strategy as used by Matt Damon in this video clip:

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