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New Video Production Company Logo. Are you up to it?

Kerry Knight avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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8th Day Video


8th Day Video is not a video production company. We are a communication company that uses video and visual media as our conduit of communication. There are many companies than can produce a video. But can they communicate the message you are attempting to transmit? Can they communicate your message in a way that increases your revenue, grows your business, or trains your employees? Can they communicate your message so that it is memorable?

We don’t start at “Action.”

Our process does not begin with a camera. We start by making sure we understand you, your product, your business, your message or your story. If we cannot get you, how do you expect us to tell your story? Now it's time to get the camera!

What about the name?
Every week you juggle a boat load of long work hours with family responsibilities, social functions, and just your own time to rest and enjoy some recreation. When do you have time to really be creative? Most people would love to have the time, but you can’t “schedule” creativity. But what if you had an 8th day? An extra day of the week where all the demands of the previous seven days can’t encroach? What creativity would come from all that time? Well, that’s what our company becomes for you; we’re like an 8th day, an extra day of the week, a day for all that creativity to flow out into.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We are targeting regional and national businesses and corporations who need their message translated to video. We are already working with two regional companies in the midwest and are speaking with a corporation in New York. In the coming months we will be reaching across the nation in conjunction with another business that will lead to a great deal of exposure and push us further into a national presence. For now we are focused on the midwest/southwest.


I am looking for something that is simple. I would like there to be an iconic element to the logo (I was thinking the 8 or 8th stands out to me). I would like the 8 to have a unique feel to it.

I am looking for something that has a cutting edge, technical feel, possibly has a web 2.0 feel.

I'm not looking for all the video "clip-art" type of elements (video cameras, etc), but if you have a great idea that includes it fine, but it better be current. We do not shoot on film, so do not use any film stock.

This will be used primarily on the web page and video headers, etc. We will also use it on business cards. I would like it to be something that down the road it could be put on shirts, hats, etc.

I don't want anything cartoonish.

It needs to speak well to business and corporate leaders.

I like the Benton Sans Font (but you don't have to use it...but I like this font)

Be creative and have freedom to come up with something fresh.

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