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Two Bears Remodeling


I'm a remodeling carpenter working in the Boston area. I do kitchen and bathroom renovations, finish carpentry, custom closets, custom built-ins, tiling and mosaics, hardwood stairs, simple or elaborate decks. Just about anything that can be done by one person (with the occasional subcontractor).

I have an academic streak that I apply to my work, and gravitated toward remodeling carpentry due to the uniqueness of the complications and opportunities that invigorate each project, especially in the 100-200 year-old homes of my clients. Most trades people focus on trustworthiness, competitive price, etc, but, in my view, that's the base line. My focus is on quality, care and beauty, and the logo should express that. Calm, clear communication, meaningful guidance are essential. I like to push building methods, the final product, and my clients toward the new as much as possible within the constraints of an old city. The constant evolution of building methods and solutions are essential to a life of both physical and intellectual stimulation, and a project imbued with this effort feels differently than the average "slam-bang" job. Two Bears Remodeling is the place to go when you need to solve a problem that can't be addressed with a generic solution.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

My target market is primarily middle class or upper middle class homeowners in largely progressive, liberal environs. By inclination, these folks tend to gravitate toward the experimental. However, we live in an old city, and colonial and Victorian architecture is part of almost every home. Post-modern design in an otherwise traditional house, if badly done, can be aesthetically disastrous and possibly detrimental to the value of the home. This is a constant tension, and around it has arose a "transitional" design, a somewhat accepted and shifting mixture of traditional and modern design elements. In this sense, the logo should not imply that I do historical restoration or that I'm planning to append any Gehry-style structures to rear-end of a classical design (although that would be great fun!).

Another way to look at the target audience. They've saved $20,000 of (usually) hard-won dollars, and so they are often nervous about who to trust with building their dream kitchen..."edginess" would make them nervous, but they certainly don't want $20,000 of Home Depot bland either.

Most clients want a sincere and thoughtful person to accompany them though an expensive process, and to give them the confidence that the end result will be to their liking. The word "accompany" best explains this process--can a logo express this?


I've attached a file I've crudely manipulated with my mediocre skills into a tolerable but less than acceptable logo. Feel free to base your design off this file or to do something entirely different. That said, here's a few guidelines:

1. Two Bears are not teddy bears, bears drinking beer, or bears with tool belts and hammers. Nor are they aggressive bears ready to disembowel my clients. They are not Pepsi polar bears, cuddly baby bears, or even more cuddly baby panda bears. I'm more interested in brown bears or grizzly bears, with a demeanor you might find in their more-or-less graceful and natural state outside your door in Alaska (or watching late-night Discovery channel).

2. If there are bear representations, I'm tending toward silhouettes or line drawings as opposed to the photo-realistic end of the spectrum. The bears should not be facing one another UNLESS they are separated by text or graphics. Otherwise, it looks like Two Romantic Bears Remodeling. Lastly, if each bear is a different size and/or in a different position, then it looks better than simply mirrored or copied bear images

3. The design should look good with a white background (unlike attached), since this is the most likely color for business cards, letterhead and my box truck side panels.

4. The design should be no more than 3 times wider than its height.

5. The font should be readable from a distance. No overly elaborate script.

6. The logo must have "Two Bears Remodeling" somewhere in it. No need to mention location or services offered, etc.

7. Don't show a representation of houses, mountains, sun, trees, etc in the logo.

8. Make a logo for my target audience, not for trades people. Think wine with Asian fusion, not pizza and subs topped with sawdust.

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