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Striking logo for company with corporate customers.

JoinedUp avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque


Joined Up Business is a small company that provides interim management to businesses for periods between 1 month and 1 year. We manage projects, business transformations, outsourcing, and turnarounds for our clients. We help our clients to achieve a competative advantage over other companies, so our own logo needs to look better than those of other companies.

You can start from scratch if you like. Or you can use a font that we have already selected as being one of the best, called Choktoff. However, the standard Choktoff capitals (upper case) letter are too square, and the horizontal arm of the J is too long. Our existing logo uses improved versions of these letters. Download the existing logo to get these improved J, U and B: Contact me on if you need help.

You could even take the existing logo as it is and breathe life into it by adding relief, effects, and improved colour. See colour suggestions below.

We are happy for winner to use us as a reference site, and at your request we will add you to our associates web page for at least 6 months.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our client businesses will have a turnover between £5million and £9billion so we need something that reassures clients that we are professional and can be relied upon, while also showing that we are creative.

Our first logo used joined up writing, but it did not look sufficiently business like; if you decide to use joined up writing in your entry, remember our target audience.

You can choose your own colours. I think that a bright light blue (perhaps 00FFFF) on a blue background (maybe 000066) might work. Alternatively bright colours such as red and yellow (as used on Shell's logo) or green and yellow (as used on the old BP shield logo) could also work. Alternatively, yellow goes with most major colours; yellow words (transparent background) would allow us to place the logo on red, green, blue, black backgrounds, allowing us to vary the appearance to fit the circumstance while maintaining a consistent logo. Colours are up to you though. Graded colours are fine. The colours on our website will be chosen to fit the new logo.


Logo needs to be refined and eye catching.

The logo must include the following words, and be easy to read:
Joined Up Business .com. or Joined-Up-Business .com. The word business should be emphasized just as much as Joined Up.

We need:

1. Logo with transparent background so that it can be placed on large coloured areas, over images etc in vector format eg .svg.
2. An icon of the logo that can be used as a favicon on the tabs of browsers, and as bullets on unordered lists, ie square or circular, perhaps containing just the letter J; in vector format eg .svg.

Please confirm that if you win you will:

1. supply your work in vector format eg .svg,
2. supply logo

3. supply an icon that can be used for bullet points and as a favicon.

4. Supply letterhead and business card layouts. Business card can be in portrait or landscape format. Leave a space for a personal picture and some text about what we do.

5. Supply all work in:

5a. full colour,

5b. full colour with lighting effects (eg for brochure covers)

5c. less colour suitable for less complex printing,

5d. black and white for fax header.
6. Keep a copy of artwork to allow for future alterations.
7. Make any extra modifications immediately after the competition to make the design perfect for use.

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