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A start-up Video Game business (logo, business cards)

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Nom de l'entreprise


I am James Welsby, founder of I've always had a passion for video games, and currently fulfilling my desire to run my own business in an industry I enjoy. Recently finished a Masters at Manchester University Business School, helping to fulfil my dream. - meaning 'my Video Gaming'
(website is currently in development) is a purely website based business hosting user created console video game tournaments. It's tools and online functions allows users to create their own video game tournaments to their own specifications. e.g. they will be able to create leagues or knock-out formats. They can join other tournaments, meet and interact with gamers through social networking facilities.

FYI - A quick note on the brand name
This allows for different pages/sections of the site to be labelled relevant to the brand, a couple of examples to illustrate this... the area where users will be able to meet and search for available tournaments will be called myVigaZone, secondly within the functions of the site, users will be able to collect tokens via different methods, this would be called myVigaTokens etc. will reflect my own values, for it to be a fun and competitive atmosphere, being a friendly, personable, enjoyable, easy to use, honest and respectful place for users. This needs to be reflected through the logo branding of

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Targeting online console video gamers (for example gamers that use Xbox Live, PlayStation network, Nintendo WFC)
- Male
- Aged around 16 - 35
- Global users (English speaking)
- They are heavy Internet users
- Most likely to be students (college/graduate/post graduate) or have professional roles in sales and marketing, administration and similar

- They love playing video games, playing online frequently
- They play video games for the fun and excitement of playing and also the competive nature of playing against other similar skilled gamers
- They are not professional gamers, they range from intermediate to expert.


- logo
- Business card design

- Creative freedom...
- Could consider some way of showing that 'Vi' is derived from video and 'ga' from gaming, to get across the feeling of the website being related to video gaming
- Please display one version incorporating the tag line 'Create, Play... Enjoy Gaming' and a second version I am equally toying with, 'My Video Gaming Tournaments'
- Please display one version with no tag line
The logo and colours will be used throughout the final website design. Let your creativity decide the colour scheme, but make sure it is readable and presentable for use throughout the website. The logo will also be used for printing on promotional items.
- The whole feel of the website will be to make it an enjoyable, easy to use, and also offer good functionality... so an original, clean, crisp and simple design that is memorable, eye catching and a representative design of would be great

please don't use stock images or clip art, submissions should be new work by the designer, many thanks.

Business Card
On the front please use logo (inc tag line), and:
- Meet gamers,
- Create tournaments,
- Join tournaments,
- Have fun

- On the back, arrange how you think looks best:
James Welsby
Founder and Managing Director
(space for mob and office number)

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