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I need two logos who will "play nice" with one another. Hopefully even complement each other.

Zen Doodles is the company name, and our focus is on simple, easy to use applications that simplify your life. We expect to do some consulting work too while we're getting started.

Our first "product" is a group of applications called Aza Suite. We will also eventually be looking for logos and icons for each application within the suite that fit the same look.

Please look at the brief because I've got a lot of ideas!

Nom de la marque

Zen Doodles and Aza Suite

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The Zen Doodles name comes from the idea of getting to that zen like state of mind where you have tuned out everything around you and are doodling on a scrap piece of paper.  The mindset I occasionally find myself in when I'm in another boring meeting and I hope the speaker thinks I'm taking notes... :P 

The images I see are things like river rocks with the raked sand in Zen Gardens, but I can't seem to make that work for a unified look with the applications we're developing.  I'm looking for inspiration, so I expect I'll be happier with something completely different than what I've visualized. I'm very open to your ideas.  It does not need to have an "Asian" feel.

As of today, we are developing 7 applications in the Aza Suite aimed at simplifying your life.  These range from menu planning and shopping lists to automotive and home maintenance.  There is a client application that runs on the iPhone and eventually other cell phones.  The application interfaces are clean and intuitive, and we are very focused on seamless integration between them. 

We're hoping to have a "signature" color for each application in the suite, so it would be nice if the logo for the suite would pull those colors together into one iconic image.  We have not settled on an exact pallete, but we like "jewel tones" and would be happy with a variation on ROY G BIV for the colors. 

My first thought was a pie chart, but well, that's not even remotely iconic, and frankly I hated everything I tried in that regard.  The icons for the individual applications will likely follow the Tango guidelines, and be suitably 'iconic'. We've also been considering an animal "mascot" for each application, but haven't persued it.  We'd be happy to consider other themes as well.  We are not sure we're ready to design the logo/icon for all 7 applications, we're just looking for a place to start.

I love the Aza Suite name.  I think it's easy to remember and fun to say (ah-zah), and I'm looking for a great iconic image that has the same feel. I'm not keen on text being the sole focus of the logo.  I prefer the firefox icon over internet explorer.  I love the simplicity of the apple logo for it's clean simple lines. I like lizards and the fun and recognizable look of kokopelli. I like primitive, simple, clean design.

I don't know how the contest works exactly, but when I choose a winner, I'll want to be able to download the layered vector graphics file.  I use Adobe CS2.  Best of luck!


- Iconic recognizable images
- Consistent theme
- Simple stand alone artwork that can exist without the text
- Minimalistic look
- Unified Font 
- Possibly some reflection.

Ne veut pas

- Text only logos with varying fonts.
- Stars, dots and stripes. 
- Complex designs that don't scale
-  Black background with glowing letters.
- Traditional Asian water color with black ink
- Unoriginal artwork

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