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We are launching an exciting new software product in the world of media consumption on TV and are in need of compelling brand identity.

Our product enables users to enjoy their favorite online videos, music and games in HD glory on their television. Our patented pointing technology allows intuitive interaction from the comfort of a couch. Users looking to enhance their traditional cable or satellite experience will find a wealth of engaging content through Kylo.

We are looking for a logo with sincerity, color, and all the shine and polish expected from a “Web 2.0” identity. The logo should be able to hold its own when placed amongst its peers: Firefox, Skype, Miro, etc. We are ultimately looking for elegance over embellishments to encourage a broader set of users.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Kylo’s users will have (or desire to have) a PC or Mac connected to their HDTV. They may be actively looking to break away from traditional TV provider options, or they may be interested in augmenting their living room experience with online movies, shows and original web videos. Users may be from a broad age range.


We need a full logo that contains a graphic treatment for the name “Kylo”. This logo should have a component or variation that can be used as a desktop icon that does not contain the full “Kylo” name. This icon should look beautiful at 512x512, and still be legible at 64x64.

The logo should be delivered as a Photoshop (PSD) or Illustrator (EPS, AI, SVG) file. Vector over bitmap graphics are highly encouraged.

Please do not use stock art or derivative materials. Original compositions only. The final product should not contain any representative imagery that could be easily confused with products in a similar space (ie. Compasses, power icons, etc.)

Thanks for bringing your creativity to our dynamic product team! Good luck!

********** 3/10/10 - UPDATE ****************
We have less than 2 days to go until the end of the contest. We've decided that we want to let this thing run to the end before we pick a winner. There have been a few really fantastic designs, and we are very confident that 99 Designs was a great way for us to explore new talent.

So, with so little time left, I'm posting a new mission to make things exciting...

Most of our favorite designs so far have fallen more in the realm of the abstract. The prominent design element has been the letter "K". What we'd like to see now are more creative illustrations of the convergence of TV and the Internet.

Any new designs should follow some pretty strict guidelines: The text "Kylo" should be lowercase in a reasonably non-customized font. Make it metallic or Web2.0 shiny or whatever you feel makes the design pop, but don't overdesign the text. The focus should be on the iconic element. It should look good from far away. It will appear as a visual element in the UI. It should also look like a desktop icon. It can incorporate a "K" if you feel strongly about it, but it needs to represent "Web on TV" in some creative fashion. 3D elements are *highly* encouraged.

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