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Thistle Hill Wines avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Thistle Hill Vineyard


We've made this contest blind to encourage creativity and originality. We hope to attract lots of experienced and skilled designers.

Our vineyard was one of the pioneers of the organic wine industry. Thistle Hill has been operating organic since the mid-70s. This year we won the best organic wine in Australia and New Zealand and the best white wine.

The original owners recently passed the torch and the new owners plan to expand the company rapidly in Australia and around the world. They need help and inspiration with updating and revising the logo. Check out our website for more information on the company.

Why do we want to change?

Wine logos need to be memorable and stand out on the shelf. We need a logo that does this. We hope to have a logo that can easily be described to someone going to a store to pick up wine. We want a wife to be able to tell her husband ‘honey pick up that wine with the (insert image here) on it’

Yellow Tail was easy. It was the wine with the Kangaroo. We want help developing a more memorable logo for Thistle Hill which will help us become the world’s best known organic wine brand.

The winning design will think outside the box, use illustration rather than simple computer graphics or clip art and the designer will certainly win future work from us if they apply their talent, heart and soul to the project.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Organic wines are most popular with urban females. Though the logo should not be offensive to men. But think of females when you are creating the new logo or updating the current version.

Organic wine drinkers are also fairly sophisticated and urban and want aesthetics that draw on spas, retreats, yoga schools, salons etc.


The winning logo will be creative and display your talents.

It must be usable in a variaty of mediums, including t-shirts, bottles, websites, banners etc... so keep it relatively simple.

Please use your illustration talents rather than relying on clip art. We understand that some designers use clip art to give us an idea of what they would do if we asked for further revisions. If this is what you are doing, let us know in advance.

We are leaving this contest open for you to decide whether to throw out our logo or just give it an overhaul and updating.

We've attached an .ai version of the current logo to help.

Make sure to ask for feedback from your friends and family, particularly any Whole Foods or other health food store shoppers.

We'll also give you feedback. This contest is being run by an experienced marketer who will help guide you to a winning entry!

Good luck.... looking forward to working together on this project!

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