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Savvy Investment Research Firm Needs Evocative, Refined Logo

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Nom de la marque

Reservoir Research Partners


I have just left a 14-year career as a senior business reporter for The Wall Street Journal to open my own independent research firm. I now specialize in applying investigative research and interviewing skills to unearth deep, exclusive intelligence for sophisticated investors about companies, managers and trends. I want to develop a highly professional firm logo that conveys savvy and sophistication and that will match the elegance of much larger financial services and investment firms.
The logo, like the name Reservoir Research, should ideally connote two key qualities: First and foremost, deep exploration and discovery of information. I can help clients plumb the deepest reservoirs of data or records, extract key insights from interviews and use my trademark resourcefulness to help get to the bottom of a question. Secondly, I have specialized -- and will specialize in-- energy and natural resources research. The name already evokes this and the logo could do so as well, though I will not work exclusively in energy by any means.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

I have two target audiences. The first are potential clients in the investment and financial services sector who will look at my website and materials to learn about me and my firm as a potential service provider. The second are people in the business world whom I contact for information and interviews, and this is going to be a much more eclectic mix of people, from former CEOs and senior executives to mid-level managers in an array of industries, regulators, even personal acquaintances of someone I need to reach.

I'd like the logo help reinforce someone's impression of me as an experienced and highly ethical professional -- not some fly by night private eye. I am trying to avoid any kitschy journalist or reporter images like typewriters and notepads and trenchcoats; I'd prefer the logo to be similar in style to my clients, many of whom are hedge funds.


I'd like a graphical image next to the words Reservoir Research Partners. I would ideally like the logo on the left. Still not sure of the font but want to experiment with all lower case. Font ideas: perhaps a rounded style -- a polished version of Microsoft Word fonts Calibri or Segoe, or see financial website links below.

Very abstractly conveying a well or water or depth of some sort would be great; I am tentatively interested in two color combos: 1) bright sky blue and soft gray or 2) blue and a sunny orange. The business name most likely needs to be dark/black, but I'm open to ideas. The website for Barclays, a large international banking firm, has more or less the shade of blue I'm looking for (bright sky blue) and is an example of a dignified, professional logo to use as a reference:

* Here is a hedge fund logo that is in the right genre:

* Here is a website/logo of a similar business to mine that I like:

I've attached low-res thumbnail files of some photographs I might purchase and post on a web page for a sense of what could be adjacent to my logo.

Format: As you advise, vector format like Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator. But I don't own that program. So it would be great to also be able to view it on a file readable on most off the shelf Windows-based PCs.

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