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Royalty & Celebrity Hollywood Events - LOGO - Media Attention!

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Want To See Your Hard Work On National TV ?

We are some of the top event promoters in Hollywood. We consistently have A-list Celebrities, Famous Musicians, and the worlds "Socialites" at our events. Our events are featured on TMZ and other gossip publications regularly. We also work with the same team as the successful club "Les Deux" featured on the Hit Show "The Hills", and Hollywood's Current Most Exclusive Celebrity Hot Spot. Feel free to check youtube/google to see more about us!

We are starting a new division and It is very likely your designs will be featured on high profile national media such as E! , FOX, CNN, etc. We would love to build a relationship with you for future work , so I hope you find us easy to work with and lots of fun.

We have lots of creative inspiration for you inside, CLICK READ THE BRIEF to see all the details.

Nom de la marque

Royalty Rope

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

About Us:

Okay we are a Hollywood Events company starting a new division called "Royalty Rope".  We are responsible for events such as red carpet after parties, mansion and estate parties, celebrity endorsement and product launch events, pool parties, and the hottest most exclusive nightclubs in Hollywood. 

Royalty Rope, is a play on the term "Red Rope" or the rope seen at events and red carpets that stops you from entering. The same "Red Rope" that is usually followed by a big bouncer in a black suit.  Royalty signifies the type of people at our events, the upper echelon of society, Royalty, Celebrities, High Society etc.

Royalty Rope also comes from our tagline

"from Rockstars to  Royalty".

We'd like to work with you to create a logo that is classy andbrandable.  I hope to provide you with creative inspiration and really lookforward to your design interpretations.

What  We Are Looking For:

First let me preface this by saying that we are very open and eager to work with you on any creative concept you may have.  Everything I say is merely an attempt at helping to guide you creatively, in the end we are looking for the "Unique" you can bring.

So, we are looking for a logo that gets attention, makes people go wow, but doesn't cross the line of "trying to hard".  Meaning we don't want to appear like we purposely tried to come off, exclusive, hot, etc

We want to represent the most exclusive events.  Hard to get into,everyone wants in, huge lines outside, paparazzi shooting everywhere,luxury, hot spot, small venues big people etc.

I will include some words that you can use for inspiration below, don't let it box you in creatively though!

I've also included links to istockphotos that may give you inspiration into symbols, ideas, colors etc.

 If you have an idea that may require stock photo purchase, please contact me and I'd be happy to consider a purchase.


Color Scheme:

The colors Black , White , Red , and Gold have a nice contrast  and represent alot of events.  From the red and gold on the rope, to the white of the papparazzi flashes, to the black dresses on the red carpet.  We wouldn't want a color scheme to stop you from a brilliant idea though!


Logo will be used both offline and online.  Clean designs with simple, yet powerful design element.

Words That You Could Convey In Your Work:

Royalty , King, Crown, Red Rope, Rockstars, Fame, Luxury, Rich, Upscale, High Profile, Celebrity, Hollywood, Glamour, Fashion, Paparazzi, Limousine, Monarchy, Red Carpet, Jetsetter, Trendsetter, Exclusive, High Society, Champagne, etc

Examples of Symbols:

Obviously the visual representation of our two words "Royalty" and "Rope" are the best possibilites for graphic representation.

Here are some possibilities of symbols that might represent our company, these are only a few, you can use anything!

Crests, King's Crown, Lions, Laurel Wreath, Parchment Paper, Official Seal, Red Carpets, Red Rope, Velvet  Rope, Silver Poles attached to Red Rope, Spotlight, Doors you want to get through, Paparazzi Flash, Cameras,  Crowds, Stepping out of a limousine, Bodyguard

Links for Creative Inspiration:

Laurel Wreath / Crown
Parchment Paper / Lions
Crest / Crowns
Official Seal

Club Doors

Red Rope In Front of Doors

Examples of the "feel" of a red carpet

(how the colors could contrast etc.)

Red Carpet Looping

Red Carpet

Lady In Red - Color Contrast Example
Lady Ruby - Color Contrast Example
Lady In Gold - Color Contrast Example


- Try to give impression or feeling of the words : Royalty, Rope, Red Rope
- Please try and keep it "Classy" and "Brandable".
- Prefer the logo to be designed for a dark background but still work well with a white background
- Artwork in Vector Format (.eps , .ai ), other high res formats can be considered by request.

Ne veut pas

- Don't want anything that comes off Jokey, Cartoony, or Amateur.
- Something that gives the impression of "Snobby" instead of "Cool I want to go to your event"

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