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Fiddlers Bar and Grill


Rebranding a neighborhood bar and restaurant in the north suburbs of Pittsburgh. An upscale casual full-service restaurant and bar. Menu is everything from steak and ribs to gourmet burgers and dogs. Favorites are Gourmet Mac n Cheese, a huge Fried Fish Sandwich and Sweet Thai Chili Calamari. While not a sports bar (except on Steeler Sundays), we have 8-9 TV's in bar and dining room on sports channels. We have an outdoor deck and a second floor banquet facility. Open 7 days/week for lunch and dinner. Daily drink specials and daily happy hour. We are re-branding the restaurant as we lost allot of prior business from chef issues and with bar changes. We have an older clientele currently, and with the new brand, we want to appeal to a younger audience (25-50) and be more relevant and a little hipper. We need to be FUN again. We do some social and modern media (Facebook, Foursquare, Text Marketing, etc) and want to expand that to reach a younger audience (25-35). We will be changing staff uniforms (cobalt blue polos and black pants). COLORS: Our building is brick painted a cream color with cobalt blue awnings trimmed in black. Inside we have beautiful brownish-red woodwork thoughout bar and dining areas, with cream colored textured walls above a maroon colored wainscoating on bottom half. Other colors in decor are antique white, browns, greens and burnt orange.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Audience is ages 25-70, with concentration 30-50. We straddle a lower-middle class section and an upper-middle class section of the suburbs, so our clientele is very diverse. We need to be middle of the road, but we want to convey FUN. A fun place to eat, drink, mingle and meet. Since we do get Sr Citizens for lunch, we have to be careful no to look like a college-bar or shot & beer place. Also not fine dining, and in an area where pretense is frowned upon. Our challenge is to be hip without pretense. Also, we don't want the logo to imply that we will have live music (fiddlers) or that we're a bluegrass or country music bar. In fact, we MAY have some live fiddling, but we don't want the name or logo to imply that we will. If we do any live fiddling, they will be rocking out with a combination (depending on time of day) of jazz, contemporary, alternative and even hip-hop for the late bar crowd. We'd love to build on the fiddling theme, but need the name to carry on if the fiddling doesn't work. We need the logo NOT to convey old, or rustic or 70's or classical. Modern and hip (not in an urban contemporary way) but in a middle-road suburban way! Thus the design challenge! We have toyed with idea of a female fiddler likeness or silhouette, or perhaps a cartoon or caricature of a fiddler (which we think would help not convey live music). Maybe a depicted fiddler.


Logo should have FIDDLERS name above Bar and Grill (or Bar & Grill). Need logo to work in two outdoor signs that are approximately: 6 ft wide x 7 ft high and 4 ft wide x 12 ft wide. Outdoor signs will be flat backlit with neon highlights on top (letters in logo, probably just FIDDLERS in neon, not the Bar & Grill in neon). We do not want a four color logo, and logo needs to stand in some black & white applications. Probably cobalt blue should be one of the logo colors. Attached are some rough sketches with ideas, none of which we're crazy about but could work if someone improved them. Couple other drawings, silhouettes we found that we like (attached), but NONE of these we like enough to use. We also saw a pic of upside down fiddler on Shutterstock of a caricature we liked (not many to choose from), not because he's upside down (although that's possible). Not the drawing style we'd want, but it just makes it look fun, without implying live fiddlers playing. We'd love to have someone draw us a fiddler character that we can use as part of the logo! Again, its just a FUN neighborhood bar & grill, the food is casual entrees, comfort and bar food. Where the music is always lively, friendly staff (who gets to know you by name), and a place that appeals to a wide cross section (oldsters for lunch, mixed blue & white collar happy hour, gears younger as night goes on). Good luck!

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