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Cook Coaching & Consulting Ltd/HigherEdCareerCoach.Com/


My name is Sean Cook and I am a Life Purpose and Career Coach. I have a problem with branding. You see, I have 3 sites (currently) and I want to come up with a coherent, unified "Brand Image" My company is Cook Coaching & Consulting Ltd. My main web site, HigherEdCareerCoach.Com, is geared toward helping higher ed professionals plan & manage their careers. My next site, HigherEdLifeCoach.Com, is geared toward helping college students figure out ways to handle life transitions that come with college. My last site, SeanCook.Net, is going to be more @ me and my company, and bill me as a coach/trainer/speaker. I'm looking for a logo or identifier that can unify my brand into something coherent across all three. I want something academic & professional, crisp & engaging & I would be very happy if it was fun (in a subdued, academic kind of way). See designs I currently use for ideas. I do like my current logo at HECC b/c it has an academic-looking building, and I like the "Collegiate" style of font. Ideas that can incorporate some of that same feel would be great. Also, if there are good (not goofy) ways to symbolize coaching-goalposts, coach's whistles or just thing that "imply" that sort of thing, that would be great. This is my 1st venture into 99 Designs, so I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

There are a few targets (as explained above) but here are the main ones...
*Higher Ed Professionals (think more student affairs/academic advising/student services than faculty)
*High School students wanting to know what to expect from college life outside the classroom
*College students adjusting to transitions
*Parents of College Students that are adjusting to transitions
*Colleges and Companies looking for trainers and speakers
*New grads looking to make the college to career transition
*People who want to move into higher ed career fields
*People who want to transition out of higher ed career fields
*Higher Ed Job seekers that are unemployed (or underemployed)
*Long-track professionals looking to climb the ladder of success

I realize this is too much, which is why I am hoping for ideas that will hint at some sort of unified theme.


*Must be crisp, clean, academic
*Can be fun without being goofy
*Would like fonts like Collegiate, but open to others
*Want logos that will work across my sites.
*To help w/ this, here are colors I currently use on my sites:

Higher Ed Career Coach: Kind of a blue/grey/white/black feel with
4a80a0, A8A8A8, BRC960, DDDDDD

Higher Ed Life Coach: Orange/White/Blue/Grey. Orange is FF8A0F, Lt. Blue is 2080E0

SeanCook.Net uses a skin and is pretty much in the blue/grey/white arena as well.

I would like to be able to use final logo (or some version of it-for example, let's say the main part of the logo is the same, but can be matched to different title text for each site. Or it could be recolored.

I realize this is a tall order in some ways, and will likely be a challenge. Thanks to those of you willing to give it a shot. I know I'm asking a lot here.

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