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Professional Logo Design for Web Agency Group

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We are a group of web agencies searching for a group of logo designs based on our current logo. We need a logo for the web development agency, the web marketing agency and the web advertisement agency as well as a group logo for them alltogether.

The designs should only have very subtle differences, so basically it's one design with minor differences. That's why the prize for this contest is not much higher.

Please take your time to read the description if you want to participate.

And now have some fun :-)

Nom de la marque

2beFOUND, 2beSEEN, 2bePUBLISHED and 2beGROUP (case sensitive!)

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are a group of three web agencies who are searching for a common
logo design with subtle differences, so that visually all logos belong
together but still fit to their respective agency.

Base Logo

The logos should be based on our current logo which can be found here:

The vector graphic of the magnifier can be found here:
(Permission to use and modify this graphic is given for the duration of
the design contest and only for designs in this contest). You can create a new magnifier if you keep the proportions and general colorization.

The fonts used in the logo are "American Typewriter" (logo text) and "Arial" (small text above). You can use different fonts, if they look similar enough.

The colors are #B1111D (red tone), #343F6F (blue tone) and #161818 (black tone).

Design Requirements

2beFOUND is a search engine marketing and search engine optimisation
agency. People come here to be found, thus the magnifier in the logo.
The subtitle of the logo is "Performance Marketing GmbH". The logo
should use a very similar layout, colors and fonts as the old logo,
also the magnifier as design element should stay in (you can create a
new magnifier though or modify the old one). You don't necessarily need
to change this logo (create a vector version though). It should fit
together with the following two logos though, so you are allowed to
change the look of it.

2bePUBLISHED is a web development agency that also operates
websites and portals. People come here to publish their content, there
isn't any metapher yet though. The subtitle of the logo is "Internet
Services GmbH". It should optically stay very similar to the 2beFOUND

2beSEEN is a web advertisement agency who places
people's advertisement on a network of websites. People com here to be
seen, no metapher exists yet. The subtitle of the logo is "Eine Marke
der 2bePUBLISHED". It should optically stay very similar to the
2beFOUND logo.

2beGROUP is the group of the three agencies. This logo may be
different to the other three logos.


The logos will be used on websites and on print media. For that we need three versions in the end:
- glossy edition
- plain edition (multi-color)
- plain edition (one-color)
Target Audience

The target audience of the logos are private people who want to have their website produced as well as enterprises of all sizes.


The logos should look very professional and very clear. They should
portray a rock-solid image of our agencies and attract even managers of
very large enterprises.

Required File Format

The files are required in either .ai, .eps or .svg.


$400 guaranteed!


- close distance to our current logo
- very professional look
- simplicity

Ne veut pas

- complex shapes
- large differences to our current logo
- heavy use of gradients

Pack personnalisé

400 $US

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