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Private Jeweler - Online Luxury Professional and Designer

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Voici comment dolginow a commencé son expérience création de logo

Nom de la marque

Richard Dolgin - Private Jeweler


After running a brick and mortar retail store for 25 years, my father is servicing his best clients from a professional office environment and continuing to be active in the industry through his professional blog and website. For three generations in Kansas City, our family has been a fixture in the retail space beginning with a little showroom which my grandfather started in 1928 on Main Street.

The idea for the new venture is simple - Apple Genius Bar meets jewelry services (clean/check, repair, custom design, appraisals). Our emphasis is on service through 1-on-1 appointments booked online. Simple services like clean and check and minor repair will be done while the client waits.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is a sophisticated, upscale retail jewelry customer who is savvy and understands good design. He/she is the type of person who does a fair amount of online research before making an offline purchase and uses several tools (word of mouth, third party reviews and retailer websites) to decide where to purchase. Our clients are busy, so they appreciate simple, understated design that delivers what they need without too much fuss.

Our online presence will be geographic neutral as should any logo designs, but our office will be based in an upscale suburb of Kansas City. Residents of the Kansas City area who have been in the area 30+ years will recognize the Dolgin's name, but it will be unknown to the 25-35 demographic. So without knowing Richard Dolgin - the logo needs to let the audience know that this is jewelry related.

Here are some other brands targeting the same audience online:

Here are some of the other upscale retail jewelry brands in Kansas City:

You can also learn more about our history and (now closed) retail store here:…istory.php

We'd love to have you help us take a step forward in design from the above.


Our clients need to see the logo and immediately recognize the name and know that it's related to jewelry, either through an icon (such as a diamond) and/or through the words 'Private Jeweler'.

We also need to create a trusted, communicable and exciting brand that fits within the traditional design of jewelry logos (see above) but takes a subtle step forward through font choice, color and/or icon imagery. Our logo has to be more interesting and modern than traditional jewelry stores. We believe our service oriented website and one-on-one appointment approach will be refreshing for people tired of flashy, high pressure sales people, boring run-of-the-mill merchandise and crappy on-going service.

We must make the current retail and online players look like tired boring brands. Creatively weave in the key practical elements of what we do - diamond sales, appraisals, repairs, on-going service - as well as blending both our creative custom design work and emphasis on professional, 1-on-1 service and you're close to hitting the mark.

A dash of bright color is great, as are some of the common design cues seen recently in the online space - thin, simple text; bold, simple, iconic designs; 'glass' layers (Photoshop elliptical marquee tool); subtle reflections, shadows and gradients. We are looking for something classy but cool that displays well online and offline.

You must deliver in the artwork is a Illustrator/Photoshop format that can be resized without loss.

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