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Hey! Media Group


We are a brand new Outdoor Advertising Agency with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our primary focus is on Digital Billboards and non traditional media, such as inflatable billboards, digital meshes, projections and some types of guerilla marketing. Our mission is to provide clients with innovative, cost effective, state-of-the-art advertising media vehicles that will allow them to inform, entertain and positively influence viewers’ behavior.
Scheduled to launch in February 2011, Hey Media Group promises to position itself as an industry leader within a year. With a multimillion dollar investment, Hey Media Group will cover most of Puerto Rico’s metropolitan areas and interstates.
Our vision is to be advertisers’ first option when thinking outdoor. Not just for our coverage, but for our customer service. We will offer a single point of accountability for all visual communication implementations along with a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated and proven content collection, design, management and distribution platform.
Our workplace is an invigorating place to perform. Our team is composed of the most experienced professionals from fields such as Finance, Sales, Marketing and Advertising. We encourage them to have fun at work and learn the most of everything. We emphasized in high-integrity business practices and ethics. Hey Media Group also promotes philanthropy

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All audiences.


We are looking for something that calls everyone's attention. It will be displayed at:

•All our billboard locations to identify them
•Proprietary walls to identify them
•Goodies / Merchandise
•Business Cards

The logo itself will be the brand. So when people see that logo, they know that’s us or our property.

The word "Hey!" must have an exclamation mark and it must really stand out of the remaining “Media Group”. In other words, we want to sell “Hey!” but need the rest to be part of it. Sometimes the “Hey” will be used as an Icon without the other wording.

Think outside the box, but keep in mind that we need it to be clean and professional. Minimalistic, trendy, technological, artistic are some of the things that come to our mind.

It's simple, we got Hey's idea from from real life jargon. For example, when we want to get someone's attention or simply want to call someone in the middle of a crowd or something similar, we tend to scream Hey!! This is why we choose it. Our logo will be in huge billboards, wall meshes, projections, etc. It must be crisp and clear. It must call attention, be up to date (meaning, we are dealing digital billboards, huge projections, digital meshes, etc. Not old outdoor media stuff like trivision billboards and similar stuff. Please remember that we are an Outdoor (Visual) Advertising Company. So "Hey" should get eye attention. If you are using something related to sound, use sonic waves, but don't use microphones, or music equipment.

We prefer the use of binoculuras, tech eyes, magnifing glasses, etc.

We like the letters "hey!" inside 3d blocks as an icon and ther the rest below.

we like the letters "hey!" as wave sounds from a mouth.

we like the letters "hey1"as led lights in or out, whatever, a digital billboard, projectionn, etc

The use of a minimimal or many minimal eye forms, or techno bubbles with eyes on them will be awesome.

Color combinations we love:

•Gray – Orange – White
•Gray – Yellow – White
•Gray – Red - Black
•Blue (different tonalities)

Hey, be creative, but don’t forget the basics. If you have other color combinations in mind go ahead. We don’t want to send any logo example because they will contaminate your creativeness. We are sending some color combinations we like.

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