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Organic French Fashion Couture Brand Needs a Great Logo!

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We are a growing Handmade Couture French Fashion company using exclusively Organic Linen.

We believe it is important to not feed our inner body with junk food but also to wear natural yet elegant natural clothes.

We are working and playing hard to produce the best quality Organic Clothes so people can feel better in their lives.

The website is selling our production worldwide.
We are also going to launch soon our affiliate program.

We are also involved in charity actions.

Our family company exist since Y2K.

We are based in Provence, in south of France.

We are looking for you to work with us to create a strong brand that we can promote online worldwide.

******Feel Free to be Over-Creative and let your imagination run wild!******

We need an emotionally powerful yet very high end logo.

We would like the logo to be inspiring, clear, positive yet unforgettable (!)
You can have a look to the website to get an idea of the type of product and even listening to the music to get inspired.

The logo needs to reflects a very professionnal radiance.

We would like a logo that would look good online and on printed material as well as on merchandise such as clothing. So it will need to be able to work in a range of colours.

We are looking for more of a web 2.0 abstract design rather than a "picture".

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

80% are female 20% male

35 to 55 years of age. (baby boomers)

People taking care of themselves, the others and the planet.

Income category: high

Here is a list of key conceptual words that our consumers are sensitive about and would help you getting inspired :
Couture - Purity - Elegance - Charism - Unique - Timeless - Creativity - High End - Nature - Respect For Life - Softness - Radiating - Handmade - Sensible to Beauty.
Despite we are manufacturing Organic clothes we don't want to have a "hippies" looking logo.


Include greyscale version with final colour version and also rendered iPhone type version.

No Cartoon style.

Logo needs to be presentable for white and black backgrounds.

The Logo will have to fit for but also for
With or without the www, .com or .fr.

It also need to be usable in any format, colours and support (web, biz cards, flyers...)

We are open to any color schemes excepting combination of black and red.
Our primary use will be on our webpage and magazine ads.
However the logo needs to be able to scale down to icon sizes:

48 × 48 px

32 × 32 px

16 × 16 px

The logo will also be incorporated into the stationary, brochure design, look and design of office space.

The logo should be able to exist by itself without actual text. However the Etoile de Marie text should be styled and appear along side. The styled text should "live" by itself as well.
The initials also should be living by itself as well (EDM). Like Yves Saint Laurent for example (YSL)
Text should also work with combination of other words like Woman, Man, Kids, Wedding.

Ultimately 3D movement & animation will be applied to the logo, so please keep that in mind
Winner must provide:

- MODIFIABLE VECTOR version of the logo - AI, EPS, PDF, PSD and SVG format.

Winner must transfer the copyright for the created artwork and the font.

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