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Name our company & product + find a relevant/available URL.

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<TBD - Contest Winner determines this>


We're creating an online database, reporting & collaboration product for small business & corporate workgroups.
The product will make it easy for novices & experienced database authors to create online databases & applications to help groups collect, report and collaborate on shared information.
The product will offer revolutionary ease of use in letting you quickly:
1. Create databases & applications from scratch or by importing your current database
2. Create forms for other users to view, enter and browse records
3. Create sophisticated reports to analyze and present data
4. Assign rights for groups and users to see particular forms, reports and records
5. Create web-based applications by adding interactivity and workflow
Everything is 100% browser-based: no hardware, software or IT is required. We host your application and data securely

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Small business, corporate workgroups
1. Company/product name & domain in 14-pt. Arial font. No graphics, no logos.
2. Evidence that the company/product name is available for trademark:
Verify the name & similar names are not already trademarked or used by a company in software, database, or internet areas. E.g., if you propose "ABC Database", make sure there's no company called "ABC DB" or "ABC Applications" or "ABC Software" or "ABC Data", especially if those companies provide products or services for databases, application software, internet software/services, or mobile phones or services.
Use these resources (among others) to search for trademark availability:
On Left, click Trademarks
Click Search TM Database (TESS)
Click New User Form Search (Basic)
Select “Live”
Enter your proposed name
Click Submit Query
Open each entry on all pages to check for a conflict
3. Evidence that the domain name is available or purchasable:
Determine the availability of a domain name: in a browser, go to the URL. Is it available?. A parked page? If parked, any info re: sale price?
Resources to search for domain availability:
4. Using a search engine for your proposed name and URL, do you find other companies/products with the same or similar names? If you are unsure about a conflict, give us the URL.


Please start at REQUIREMENTS above in Target Audience
[ ***Check list, including template for the comments *** ]
Use Arial 14 pt font for your proposed company name.
Copy and Paste the following into the comment section for your entry. As a reminder, ALL submissions without proof of the detailed research will be rejected. Add comments as needed for proof.
//Begin Copy Paste
1. Company Name: ____________________________________
Trademark Exists: Yes or No
The following companies and products with similar names:
Company or Product Name:
<repeat for other names>
2. Domain Name: <enter domain name>
Domain Available: Yes or No
Domain is Parked: Yes or No
If it’s parked, is there any information regarding it’s sale?
Domain for Sale: Yes or No
Domain Sale Price: <enter US Dollar Amount or UNKNOWN>
// End Copy Paste
- Prefer short Names & URL
- Name & URL easy to recall, spell and pronounce globally
- Names that could support our product being used for both database and applications
- Invented names are OK, prefer a name that everyone would recognize
- Ideal name will have nothing to do with software,database, computer services.
- We can add DB onto the end of it if we need to help clarify it’s a db or an app
- Trendy or localized language that only has meaning to select people
- Names that are too cute, silly, whimsical, or that imply low quality or cheapness

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