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who am I? - My name is matthew finn, sole trader business man
what I do - I look at the needs and wants of my motorcycle customers, i design then source the products from manufactures all over the world. I then sell directly to the end consumer. the design process is done very carefully giving the product shop quality but internet prices. I specilise in motorcycle apparel / fitting eg short to long 30 to 50+ / custom suits

why do I do it - I love designing the products and the never ending improvements you can apply. filling in holes in the market, bringing a high quality standard product and selling at unbelievable value to customers. such alot of money is wasted into the big company setups, i like to show you can have the company image/products without the price. sharing knowledge about the products will build trust.

culture - perfection is certainly what i aim for and most of the time meet, this ensures the best possible result. I’m a picky customer, I think this helps with selling to my customers because my standards level goes beyond my customers expectations.

personality – Neutral/average minded, we design most of our items to ensure it covers the biggest market (we offer a normal and a high qaulity range). We don’t label our items on the outside, but I like having the option for the future. Majority of our customers would prefer it to be plain/no name.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Originally we wanted FINN to work with a fashion label aswell (still umming and aring). We dont really like the idea of being tied down to the 1 industry, but we relise such a broad name wont have any effect

main target market: this is mainly for the motorcycle apparel clothing, we do sell parts and accessories. so the motorcycle rider is the target.

markets selling in: to keep the value we are an online business selling through ebay, website & local pickups. once the website is running we will be tapping into the "non ebay/internet user" market through magazines/newpapers/clubs. So keep it nice and simple allows plenty of room to move which i like.

audience: we supply to sports, cruiser, scooter, dirt. within each of these bike groups there are possibly 4+ audiences. We try to appeal to all of them (shot gun marketing approach), so the plain/simple approach will appeal to them all.

audience 2: for expanding the finn name could also be used for the fashion leather jackets, so keeping it simple stylish will work for both.


business summerised into keywords its how i plan to convey these messages to my customers.

Imagery logo – (simple stylish clean)
Website – motives (not just talk / we backup what we say, help teach/inform customers about quality/what to look for, - builds trust and confidence. )
Products – Well thought out / latest trends techniques / always perfecting improving. Convenient good fitting sizing to suit all + imagery logo keywords.
Service – fast friendly service, satisfaction guarantees, personal caring service
Conclusion: run business differently creating value for money whilst still providing higher quality apparel

what do i want?
play around with the word FINN (i can see it italic).
business name = finn moto (so basically finn is the important one, then moto is just added on the end)*free upto you to help me work out the best method.
sort of icon/oneal/wolf logo look to it - free*
colour: colours change with the colour of the apparel, for website black/white - black/white/gunmetal or skyblue/gunmetal/black free*

outside garments - FINN
Website - the word moto will be added on/blended in with the winner of this competition.
the logo needs to work on the internet and on clothing as embroidery / badges / rubber logo's etc. so not too complex. - After this i plan to do a ebay template and website, so the logo is the inspiration.

text: unique + easy to read

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