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Modern logo needed for The Experience

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The Experience is a church, but it's not at all typical church so we want a logo that reflects that. See the full brief for details + logos we like.

Nom de la marque

The Experience

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

About The Experience

The Experience is a church for people who aren't sure about church (wecall ourselves a "spiritual family"). We have a lot in common with"typical" Christian churches (a worship service on the weekend, etc.)but we do a lot of things differently. Our atmosphere is casual (instead of pews, we sit around round tables), our music is modern and upbeat, and we're extremely friendly.

The Experience started in 2004 with just a handful of "core members"and has grown to weekly attendance of about 200 people. We've recentlymoved to a new, larger location and decided that it's time to get a newlogo that represents our focus. We're up against a deadline for oursignage permit, so 99designs seemed like a good option.

Target market

Our marketing is targeted at women in their mid- to late-twenties. Mostare married and either have children or are considering having childrenin the next couple of years. Income varies widely but would beconsidered mid- to upper-middle-class.

In terms of mindset, our target woman doesn't currently attend church. Her opinion of Christians is neutral at best, or possibly slightly negativebased on previous experiences with church or Christians. She caresabout her family but so far, church has not been a central part of herlife.

She probably won't come to The Experience because she's looking for achurch but rather because one of our events (a barbecue/carnival in thepark, women's self defense class, tutoring program, etc.) meets a needshe has. She'll get more involved when she finds relationships and joy that's been missing from her life.

It's important to note that while women are our target, it's usuallythe husband/father who will determine whether the family attendsregularly (in general, Mom will go to church where Dad is comfortable).So the logo should definitely stay away from a strictly feminine approach.

Goals and personality

The overall goal of the new logo is to present a consistent image that accurately represents who we are. Our core values are relationships with God and other people.

You can see more about our organization at our website [ ]. It is in desperate need of a redesign(that's next, after the logo) but the pictures and content might giveyou an idea of who we are.

Logos we like

Most of the logos we like best are fairly abstract rather than clip-art-ish. Some of our favorites from other churches:


Like that it's clean and simple (but memorable), and the elements could be used independently if needed depending on context.


Like the vibrant colors and modern look.


Like the contemporary font and fun colors. We don't have an "obvious" image like theirs, though.

Red de Ministerios Dinamicos…EBONLY.jpg

Like the dynamic feel and bold colors. The actual art might have been a little better executed, though.

Life Fellowship…EBONLY.jpg

Like the friendly, community feel. We don't really like the font. Oh, and we're not a Foursquare church. :)

Notes on feedback and ratings

I try to rate every design, but don't leave comments on individualdesigns unless there are specific aspects that I want to discuss(like/dislike/need changed/etc.)

Here's what my star ratings mean:

1 star = Can't imagine using it for this project

2 stars = It would require too much time to modify it for our use

3 stars = There is potential here, with some changes

4 stars = Very good fit with few changes needed

5 stars = A final contender with no changes needed


- We like strong, energetic, modern, friendly logos. No pastels here! We don't have specific colors in mind, though, so use your designer's intuition. :)
- The logo will be used on everything from our building sign to our website to t-shirts, so it should look good in color or black-and-white, and be readable at small sizes, too.

Ne veut pas

- Because our target woman probably doesn't have positive associationswith church and Christianity, we want to avoid any overtly religiousimagery (cross, dove, praying hands, etc.).

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