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MarketSlant is a company specializing in search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Basically that means we try to help people get to the top of the search engine rankings so they can get more traffic to their websites. More traffic = more money for them. It's a win win! We need a logo that is professional, and will grow with our company.

Nom de l'entreprise

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Okay, let's just lay it out there.  We suck at design.  No, just really atrocious.  And I'm being nice here.  We've tried a bunch of concepts internally in an effort to make some good logos, but alas, nothing has jumped out at us, other than the utter awfulness of our own abominations that is.  That's why we're here.  We love this site, and we need your help!

We happen to be absolutely amazing with computers - we have some of the best talent in the world (no, I'm not exaggerating).  But our ideas on design need a lot of work.  However, we do tend to know what we like, and we like a lot of your work, so please submit your ideas.  Yes, that means you!


- We want something that reflects the reason we chose the name.  People want their profits go go up.  Slant is meant to describe their market share increasing.  I don't care if it has any actual Slant-iness to it, but it should reflect the power of positive change.  We played around with stock graphs, and arrows and the like but we never liked anything we came up with.
- It should be iconic and it should stand on it's own.  It shouldn't look like anyone else's logo out there - especially computer or marketing related.  We have seen thousands of logos, and we know a lot of our future customers will have to, so keep this in mind.  We don't want to remind them of some company they absolutely hate.
- I would prefer it to be in gray scale (or at minimum a gray scale option), because it makes printing the logo far cheaper. Remember,this logo is going to be printed on doors, pens, checks, letterhead,etc... so making it scale nicely, reproduce cheaply (not too manycolors), and making it recognizable is key.  It should scale from veryvery small (side of a pen) all the way to a 5' graphic if necessary.
- This company has already received offers from venture financiers, and we are already talking to some of the biggest companies on earth.  So this logo needs to be rock solid.  Please pay attention to positioning, spelling, pixelation and so on.
- Once the contest is complete, we would prefer if the logo was sent tous in an un-flatted photoshop format so we can muck with them ifnecessary long after you've spent your loot on whatever your vice ofchoice happens to be.  For the contest website though .gif .png or .jpgare fine.

Ne veut pas

- I don't want you to be encumbered by the name too much.  Think about the logo and what we are trying to portray (profits/market share/web traffic increasing).
- I don't want a super complicated design that I can't fabricate easily on doors, pens, etc.  If it doesn't scale, it doesn't win.

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