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Male Cancer Awareness Logo needed!

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Cahonas Scotland


We are looking for a new and unique logo for use on letterheads, compliment slips, business cards for a new Male Cancer Awareness organisation.

We are the board of a newly formed not for profit organisation (awaiting registered charity status) with the aim to raise awareness of male Cancers (Testicular, Prostate and Male Breast Cancer) in Scotland.

The name Cahonas is an adaption of the term Cajones as we felt it is not only a term used to describe testicles but its other meaning is of bravery and courage something we feel all people diagnosed with Cancer are.

We really are keen to stay away from the Cancer Charity Ribbon concept even though some that have been submitted are impressive, we would like to try and take a different approach in branding this organisation.

The logo does not necessarily have to have a very “corporate” look. Yes we want to maintain professionalism throughout all our activity and produce quality and professional looking stationary, leaflets and other communication material but we feel quite strongly that this can still be done with a modern look and feel.

We are a relatively young board and want the organisation to reflect this and to not have to conform to stereotypical images that can often be associated with charities and their work.

One of the group’s main and primary objectives is to raise awareness of the issues of Male Cancer, to be a voice and educate men, almost like a platform to get information across.

Traditional ways of reaching men have not always worked and we are looking for an image that can go across a range of materials that eye catching but non threatening and not too touchy feely.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

General male cancer awareness. Men in Scotland and others who can educate and inform the man in their lives. Funders and Partner health organisations.


The logo is required for our initial start up stationary (letterheads, compliment slips and business cards). The logo should work well as stand-alone identity as well as in other pieces in the future (Web, leaflets, promotional material, running vests, t-shirts etc)


Sleek, contemporary creative design.
Attention Grabbing
Files to be delivered in vector formats as follows - Adobe Ilustrator (.ai) and (.eps), Photoshop vector format, jpegs and png formats.
The use of a strong male colour (blue?)
A logo that will also look good in black and white
Must use the name Cahonas, although the "Scotland" may or may not be as prominent.
We have a tagline of "tackling male cancer awareness" again this may or may not be included within the concept
Most importantly a design that shows what we are all about!

Most importantly though having lurked on this site for a long while now we do not want to be too restrictive as we are aware that there is some amazing talent on here and are keen to see how you interpret the brief

Don't Wants

Generic Logo
Any copyrighted elements
Cheap looking
Designs should not use the famous (and often over-used) cancer ribbon motif used by several cancer charity/organisations due to possible copyright issues.
Tartanfied (An overuse of Scottish-ness)

We will try to run the competition with the following rating system.

Ratings System:
1 star - Wrong direction, start over again with something completely different
2 star - some elements I like
3 star - getting closer but need revisions or a different take on your design
4 star - design is being considered
5 star - made the final cut!

Thank you for all your hard work everyone. We are excited to see what you come up with :)

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