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We are a young web shop that offer fair services. Our customer use our services because we have good idea and ''not able to'' is not in our vocabulary.

We need a new logo that will represent our business right now (8 years old business) We are more sophisticated in our approach, we are more professional than our beginning, we are a bit older, we need to reflect a well establish business that we can trust but little bit edgy.

We are near of our customer

******UPDATE 1*******

Ok i just increase the bid to 400$ for letting you know that we are serious about our new logo design. the logo i receive are good but not 100% WOW, i let you all the latitude you need, be creative, use the color you want, try to do something different with ''clic'' because all logo look the same just the ''iC'' change form one logo to the other. I'm sure you could do something good with this really short business name. Play with the i the C. Good luck to everyone and don't forget the price is now 400$. Thanks a lot. Talk to me ask me question if my brief is not clear enought.

******Update 2*******
I really liek this presentation and the logo…8#entry-82

*****Update 3*******
I'm really satisfied of your works every one, on monday we will see who's the winner and it will be very hard to make a choice between all this great work. Please work hard till the end, it's my first try with 99designs but we will use this service for all of our customer. Thanks everybody

*******Update 4*******

Thanks everybody for your great works. The logo not eliminated are our favorites and will be jugging for the winner. Could you please present us the logo on t-shirt, letterhead, business card. Some designer #83, #79, #53, #8 already do that and it will help us choose the right logo. Thanks every one and show me only one logo with business card, not all of your work.

******* Update 5******

#115 as been removed and could be considerated again, could you please bring back #115 Thanks!

Nom de l'entreprise


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are French Canadian based company established since 2001 and providing web services to government and large business in the manufacturing industries. We need a refresh of our logo that will reflect more our professionalism.You can see our old logo at and our last web site. Our customer is Marketing manager, sales manager between 35 and 55 years old. iClic come from nowhere, we choose the name because the domain name was available. We like to write '' iClic '' like this with the first letter lowercase and second letter uppercase.

We like that…es/1192206…es/1164659…ns/1190017…ns/1137511


- Keep it simple, simple, simple
- We would like a icon non-generic
- Create a memorable and entertaining experience, a little trick in the logo
- Vector-based Logo, limited color, easy to handle
- Versatility for promotional products, being able to use just the icon or just our brand 
- Show me the logo with or without the icon and our slogan, our slogan is ''Créateur de succès Internet'' in english internet success creator
- All sources files

Ne veut pas

- Too much item on it, our logo need to be easy for embroidery and be recognize on promotional object that we will generate

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