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Darim Online


Darim Online is a nonprofit organization working with other nonprofits to help them learn how to use social media to build community. Our programs include knowledge sharing, community building and networks.

We have re-opened this contest for 3 additional days as we did not feel any of the entries were exactly what we wanted. Please do not reference previous entries -- start with new concepts.

Over the past 10 years, we built web sites and helped our clients establish their online presence. After a recent strategic plan, and selling our web site business to another firm, we are focused more on education, training, consulting and coaching. Thus, while we are not going to change our legal name, we want to downplay the "Online". Thus, we'd like to see concepts where "Darim" is the main focus of type treatment, with "Online" less emphasized.

The word "Darim" comes from the Hebrew root "To dwell". While this meaning isn't important to weave into the logo, it could be a source of inspiration.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our client based is made up of Jewish organizations -- small, local organizations like synagogues and schools, and large national social justice organizations and foundations. While many of our clients come to use to learn about social media tools and strategies, our work also encompasses new models of leadership, business models, open source culture, and more. Participants include staff (executive directors, program directors, etc.) and volunteers (board members, etc.). They tend to be highly educated, but are NOT techies. They are people dedicated to the nonprofit sector, making the world a better place. Ages range from 30-70.


Our previous logo was the @ tweaked to be a "d" instead of an "a". We will entertain designs that take this concept and freshen it up, as well as totally new designs. Must be classy, 2, 3, or 4 colors, and clever. Please include a color palate that we can use to apply to web site design and other graphic assets.

While technology is clearly a component of our work, mission, goals, business strategy and leadership are also defining characteristics. The logo and type treatment should NOT look like a technology company with very modern or techie fonts.

We are looking for something that is fresh, and has a sense of movement and energy. It should feel exciting and inviting, classy but casual. It should not be cluttered, corporate or too modern. We do not want something that looks like a tech start up. While our work is specifically in the Jewish community, we do not require that there be anything Jewish related represented in the logo.

Logo will be applied to web site, letterhead, business cards, etc.

Old logo is attached, to see what we've been using. If you want to innovate with this concept, you're welcome to use the file, or start from scratch. Other online assets to learn about us: (about to be redone) (best place to catch our vibe - will redo this logo too when main logo is completed)

Questions are welcome -- feel free to be in touch if we can be helpful. Winner of this logo design may have opportunities for other program logos and/or application to other branded materials too.


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