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Logo and Stationary Design Needed for Power Market Consulting, Inc.

PMCI avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Bold, sophisticated logo for a professional energy market consulting company. Avoid blatant electricity symbols and be creative. Logo should be clean and in vector (not raster) format, and all rights to the logo transferred upon purchase.

Nom de la marque

Power Market Consulting, Inc.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Style:
Clean, professional, conservative, creative, sophisticated, and bold.

Accepted File Formats:
.AI, .EPS, .GIF, .JPG [Vector format]

Welcome to our contest! We are in need of a company identity package (logo, business card design, and letterhead/envelope). Were positive that someone here can produce something perfect for us.

We are Power Market Consulting, Inc. (PMCI), a premier regulatory and business systems consultancy that provides the industry and functional expertise to the electric power industry. Our clients include generation asset owner, load serving entities, energy market operators, municipal utilities, software vendors, and law firms. Thus, the logo should show confidence and professionalism, as well as boldness and sophistication. Our clients tend to be conservative, engineering or accounting professionals.

We have a strong preference for a logo that captures what we do. So, we want to take some time to explain our industry and business because they are not visible to the end users of electricity. Our business is about providing financial expertise to entities that are in one way or another related to trading electric power. The electric power, at the wholesale level, is traded amongst power generator, marketers (traders), and utilities for deliveries priced at several thousand points on the power grid as the prices vary every 5-minutes. We provide strategic consulting for trading electricity and software that manages the financial accounting following the trades. Please take a look at graphical representations of electric power market on pg.10 of this site for reference. (But, please dont feel locked into incorporating the images. We are relying on your creativity!)

We definitively want to stay away from things that look like light plugs, lightening bolts, power lines, electrons, or anything that relates to electronics. We would like to see a logo that captures the essence of either the consulting or the electricity trading aspect of our business.

Lastly, the logo will owned by us and all rights (i.e. use and modification) associated with the logo will be reserved by PMCI once the full payment is made with the finished product. However, we do grant the designer to be able to display the logo as part of their design portfolio.

More Details:

1. The artwork must be original without any clip art.
2. If special fonts are used, the designer must provide a way for us to use the font. (convert to lines?)
3. Try avoiding colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and magenta.
4. Logo must be creative in idea, refreshing in color, and professional in image. Avoid anything that is flamboyant in color and design.
5. For bonus points, if the logo has our company name in it, we would like to also get just the emblem part of the logo for uses in other medium.
6. Avoid cartoon-like fonts and graphics. We are aiming for simple and clean sophistication.
7. In terms of the use, we will be using the logo for our business cards, stationary, website (to be built), print media, and marketing material (shirts). So, please make sure the logo will work well in different medium.
8. We would prefer the logo to be in the following formats: .AI, .EPS, .GIF, .JPG for best resolution and easy printing. The logo should be in vector format, not raster, so the logo can be resized without the loss of quality. In addition, the background should be clear so the logo can be used in different color backgrounds.
9. We are looking for something very simple for the letterhead and the envelope.

Surprise us with your talent! Have fun with this! We look forward to your best work.

Jasmine Zhu, PMCI-USA.

This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- Logo Design
- Stationery Design

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