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Mutts & Co. offers specialty pet products, holistic food and treats, self-serve pet wash and professional grooming. We need a logo re-design that will grow with us as we expand into all aspects of branding our business as a one-stop products and services destination for discriminating pet owners. This logo should translate well onto marketing materials, on-line store, product packaging, hang tags, clothing etc.

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Mutts & Co.

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Mutts & Co. is a one-stop products and services destination for discriminating pet owners.  We currently offer a unique retail environment that provides customers with the best, most up to date pet products (these are not items that can be found in the big box stores) as well as holistic food, treats and supplements.  In addition, we have incorporated a full service self-service pet wash and professional grooming departments into our business.  As we grow, we are looking to round out our offerings with other goods and services that might include: branded food and treats, hard goods, obedience training, pet massage, etc.  This will always be accomplished in a large "boutique" setting - without any of the "big box" feel. 

Our customers are women, ages 25-55 who own their own homes and have median household incomes above $60K.  They view their pets as their family "children" and want only the best for their pets.  It is often a "family" experience when visiting our store to shop for their pets.  We've worked hard to earn their trust so that they can feel confident that when we are recommending a product or providing them with one of our services that they are receiving the very best in the industry.

We are looking for a logo that is easily recognizable with a modern, clean "martha stewart" monogram feel.  We want something that we could easily apply to product packaging (bags, containers), hang tags, all marketing materials, etc.  We are looking for a logo that differs from our existing logo - in the sense that it is more generic and not "services focused" (our existing logo is a dog in a tub - so the natural association is with grooming).  We love the idea of a monogram (again, martha stewart monogram/armani exchange monogram - you get the idea) and need to have some graphic that signifies pets (we are dog focused - but could be offering cat items in the future) that is NOT a paw print or a dog in a tub (a bone or some other item would be fine).  We are pretty tied to the pantone colors that we currently have represented in our store, mktg materials, etc. - so would want to stick with them.  They are:

Brown pantone 7533C

Green pantone 5783C

Blue pantone 5503C

Orange pantone 7413C

We do not want anything that resembles a cartoon  - again think modern, upscale, sleek, clean.

We want a clean looking font - currently using Neue Helvetica.


- Clean, clear Text design
- Iconic - but suitable for all aspects of our business
- Use existing pantone colors
- Works in all applications (product packaging, marketing, hang tags, website, etc.
- Must be able to work in B/W as well as color
- Simple, clean, unique, modern and stylish and FUN
- Needs to work with and without tagline (we are re-working that too - so will possibly be adding at later date).  It is currently:  Eat Well, Play Hard, Bathe Often
- Could incoporate the feel of our current logo, so we could still use that as an icon for our services.
- Has subtle details that sets it apart from the rest, or something so simple that it was obvious but not i.e. the apple.A couple of examples of things we like (typography)

Ne veut pas

- Nothing that resembles a cartoon
- nothing cluttered looking
- no paw prints or dogs in tubs
- Try not to utilize generic clip art, it needs to be fresh and original.

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