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Vanessa Van Petten avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Vanessa Van Petten a commencé son expérience création de logo

Nom de la marque

Radical Parenting


This blog is written by Vanessa Van Petten and 75 other teen writers. All of us have decided to help other families because of the experiences we have had with our own. We understand that sharing our story, insight and advice can help others to not suffer or make the same mistakes as we did.

We are not your typical parenting blog!

-Challenging: We don’t give formulas and easy steps, we push our readers and radical parents to a new kind of family interaction. Having harmonious families, means having happy teens, which leads to healthy adults.

-Community Parenting: We want to bring together parents and teens, parents and parents and teens and teens to help each other. We hope that our website can provide many forums and tools to find other readers like you.

-Confessions: Our under 18 year-old writers get to be anonymous and this lets us open up to you, our parent readers, in ways we wish we could open up to our parents. Our teen trendsetters behind the scenes constantly scour blogs, social networks and schools looking for radical teens willing to share and join our cause.

-Youthologists: Today’s familynomics are rapidly changing and we hope to give you a crash course as well as continued insight into current trends and long-term generational shifts.

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Parents, Moms, Dads, families, Teens, Tweens, Teachers, Adults interested in Youth, Youth Marketers, Companies who target parents and youth, tweens, kids, counselors, psychologists, family therapists, grandparents


You are free to be creative. We are the mom blog flipped on its head, we are very nontraditional in that we give parenting advice written by kid's themselves.

It should NOT feel cartoony, not too Web 2.0. We are a company and want to look professional, but do not want to look too corporate as we are a family company.

We need
1) Masthead which is sized 1045 by 90 px
2) A social media/business card/ letter head logo 400 by 400 (shrinkable)

-Vanessa's Picture: You are free to use one of my pictures. You can take this from the website or email me I would love to have a picture in the masthead. You can also see we have been on many news networks, I think this is great for instant prestige, if you can work it in great, if you have other ideas that is fine too.

-The words Radical or Radical Parenting. We would love if the logo had our name in it, but we understand this is a bit long, so if you just want to do RP or Radical you can play around with the words or have no words at all.

-Colors, we are open, the website is cream, dark red, dark green and chocolate brown right now, but we can change this if we see a great logo.

-In our masthead, as you can see right now, I would love to have the subtitle, parenting from the kid's perspective, I think the social media logo would not be able to have that. But you are free to play around with it.

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