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Logo for a provider of modular living solutions

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Unison Limited


We need a design for a corporate logo for this innovative company whose primary role is to deliver accommodation/living solutions for the personnel of large corporations in the mining and resource industries. We do this by using established, recognised and respected partners who specialise in a particular technical area of expertise. Their main clients are mining companies, who need to accommodate large numbers of workers in miner’s camps. However, Unison will expand into other areas so the logo can’t be specific to this one sector or Industry.
Unison can manage all the requirements a company needs to set up a mining camp: i.e. it’s a one-stop shop for design, manufacture, construction and finance of a client’s project. The unique proposition of this company is that Unison's significant manufacturing capacity can be tailored to each client’s needs is unparalleled in the region. There isn’t any other company providing a service such as this. Separate companies that Unison represents within its business alliance cover the following services:
• Architecture and interior design
• Engineering
• Manufacturing of steel-framed modular housing
• Structured finance

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Major international mining and resource industry clients (senior manager, purchasing managers), property developers, large international engineering and project management firms.
The unique proposition of this company is that a client can chose all the services, or they can decide to use only one or two of the services. Unison can tailor a contract package to suite any project and client. Plus, the significant manufacturing capacity that can be tailored to each client’s needs is unparalleled in the region. There isn’t any other company providing a service such as this.
Through this logo we would like to symbolise the bringing together all of the global experience of our partner companies and our major industry clients (hence the name Unison). Please feel free to explore all options - we would love to see your ideas.


The design must be strong, reliable, easily recognisable, simple, and more masculine than feminine. Some words used to describe Unison are:
1. Bringing expertise together
2. Confident
3. Simple to understand and easy to engage with
4. Well regarded
5. Experienced
6. Strong
7. Innovative
8. Connected
9. One of a kind
10. Flexible
11. Reliable – history of delivery
12. A leader not a follower
13. Good quality for value
The logo will need to be used on letterhead, and promotional material such as hats, T Shirts, work safety clothing, banners, pens etc.
The corporate font is Book Antiqua (11pt for general text). We are not suggesting using this font in the logo, just that the font used should be complementary.
Please note that regarding colours for the logo: no pastels or fluorescents, plus it must be able to be reproduced in black and white (if required). Since the logo needs to work on many mediums and products it can’t be too intricate, and shouldn’t use too many colours (2-3 max or 2 plus black/grey). The logo needs to work well in both landscape and portrait scenarios. We want to look at both the options of ‘a symbol and typography’ and just ‘stylised typography’ – whatever you feel is appropriate. Please avoid typography in all lower case.

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