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Logo Package for Custom Home Buillder

Nancy M avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 82 designs proposés par 23 designers freelance.

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Voici comment Nancy M a commencé son expérience création de logo

Nom de la marque

LifeScape Homes - The Art of Home, LifeScape Appraisals, LifeScape Development


As of 4:30 CST on 7/2/09, we would like to continue working with the logos that are not eliminated. No new concepts, from this point forward - thank you!

Original vision is primarily a text-based logo, where LifeScape is larger, and the primary color; with an artsy feel – maybe using sweeping for the L and S. Possibly something where the LS can stand on its own. The company is located in a community that has a river, so that could be an inspiration for the S.

Then, the division would be smaller, contrasting style of font, in an accent color. Each division would have their own color.

Some visual element (an icon or design element) would be good, but it should be able to be used for all three divisions, not just a stereotypical house graphic. The graphic could also be something that is three-pronged, with using the three accent colors for each division.

The logos will be used on a small scale (such as stationary and apparel), as well as a large scale (such as construction-site signage).

Colors: This is a new company, so the door is wide open. Part of the team is leaning toward a color scheme that would show a connection to ‘green building’, by using eco-greens and blues. But, it needs to be professional – not trendy. The other direction would be more of the deeper jewel tones that people connect with upscale envrions. The design should work well in b&w as well as color.

Timeline: The team will be meeting on Tuesday morning, June 30th. Some feedback will be given prior to then, but the majority will come after.

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Home owners looking to build upscale custom homes. Business has been around for 10+ years, under a different name, and with no real logo or marketing. Reputation and quality of construction has brought the company this far - now it's time to kick it up a notch.


• Original and unique design that is sleek and professional.

• Files must be delivered in a vector EPS format with transparent background when finished. We would like this in the color and black/white versions.

• We would like to see how the logo looks in a square format (for avatars, etc), a horizontal format (for web site banners, etc), black on white background, and white on colored background. If you can incorporate all of these onto one plate, that helps us in our decision making process.

• If you are able to also show us how the logo might look on a shirt, hat, business card, stationary, web banner, etc that also helps us visualize our end result. This is not required for the submission, however.

• Please ask us questions when you have them. You can private message me or post in the public comments.

We don’t want:
• "cartoony" or cute

• Hard to read fonts

• Anything that looks too close to "clip art"

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