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Logo for Nexus Trading: for digital (web) and printed (ads) uses

NexusTrading avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 202 designs proposés par 57 designers freelance.

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Voici comment NexusTrading a commencé son expérience création de logo

Nom de la marque

Nexus Trading


Nexus Trading buys goods directly from selected manufacturers and sells to businesses and consumers at attractive prices. We only sell goods that we can guarantee value for money for. For consumers, this means a good price for the provided products and services. For business customers, this means a strong business case and clear Return on Investment (ROI) proposition.

This contest is for the logo. If successful, a contest for business stationary and a website template may follow.

Nexus Trading needs to have a logo designed that fits the type of business that we are. We strongly care about the message that we portray, and emphasize the need that this message is clear and consistent.

We intend to use this logo on the website, in the web shop, in our email template, on (pdf and printed) invoices, on printed marketing materials, on stationary and business cards, on promotional materials, in powerpoint presentations, etc. The logo must be scalable: it must look good when printed on an A0 piece of paper.

Please provide the following file formats:
Vector file formats - .ai and .eps (CMYK) at minimum 300 dpi resolution.
Web file format - .png, jpg.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Customer scope:
We sell both B2C and B2B. Our customers are very critical: they demand high value for money products, from a trustworthy supplier. The focus is not on cheapest, but on best value for money. Our approach is customer centric: we analyze the wants and needs of our customers very carefully. Our understanding of their situation and expectations enables us to offer high value products at a competitive prices.

Product scope:
Currently, we provide energy-saving electrical devices (as alternatives to 'standard' products). We intend to broaden our product scope in the near future.

Geographical scope:
Our marketing effort is on the European Union only.


The logo:
- must communicate trust, stability and integrity.
- must show that we are a modern, innovative, company.
- must be serious, but not overly formal.
- must not be too playful either.
- must appeal to both business decision makers and consumers.
- must have the text “Nexus Trading” included.
- must convey the same message as our slogan (see below).
- must not have the slogan included.
- must have elements of the definition of nexus incorporated (see below).
- must look good on a light and a dark background.
- must look good when printed in “3 colors” (including white) advertisements. This may be a separate variation of the logo.
- must not contain cartoons, clipart or stock images.
- should not focus on any particular type of product.
- may show we care strongly about the environment.
- may portray the focus we place on customer intimacy.
- may portray the value we provide our customers (but no “discounter” image!)
- may portray the image of a “web 2.0” style company.
- may be full color for the online (and word, powerpoint, pdf) uses.

About the name: “Nexus” is Latin for ”the connection, the center”. In ancient times, the nexus is the central location (often the town square) where traders would meet to sell and buy goods.

Our slogan is “Nexus Trading: Your Guarantee for the best deal”.

Please take special notice of the file format requirements mentioned earlier.

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