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Logo needed for a new real estate firm with a nautical flair!

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Nom de l'entreprise

Beth Frazer & Associates


Real Estate is largely relationship driven. That is why I decided to go with my name verses a 'company'; no easy choice because I tend to shy away from too much self promotion. I live and work in a rural area where word of mouth can make or break. I have an established name in the local market and I enjoy a good reputation for hard work and fairness. A number of clients come from visitors striking up a conversation with locals in the coffee shop. I understand the importance of branding, but I do not want to come across as too trendy or slick. My logo needs to look new and forward thinking yet like it has been around for longer than 20 minutes (no easy task!). I tend to gravitate towards simpler designs with a flair.

I am affiliated with a boating community, River Dunes ( so I need some cross over with their look but I do not want to duplicate their design. Could be achieved by using the same color palate: a deep red, navy and cream. I work primarily in the village of Oriental (see for a feel for the town and the town of New Bern. My office is located with in an historic structure that is walking distance to the harbor.

I offer both real estate services as well as rental services.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Retiring couples or couples that are in planning stages of retirement, 45+, BOATERS (primarily sailors but not exclusively). Professionals that work in urban areas. Usually female initiated.

My market will primarily come from the following states (listed in order)
*Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC
*Virginia--Richmond and D.C. areas
*New York, Long Island
*Annapolis, MD.

If I could draw you a picture of my perfect client it would be a 40+ woman with a Wall Street Journal or New York Times under her arm clutching a cup of coffee and wearing shorts, boat shoes and a hat. Her husband is in tow. He is relaxed but one glance you know that he enjoys the outdoors and has probably been boating most of his life. They are both intelligent and successful in their own rights. They may have children in high school and/or college and therefore want activities to draw their children to the area (because although we live in a beautiful area it is still rural). They are in the planning stages of retirement. They want a cottage on the water and a place for their boat. They plan to do some sailing and travel during retirement. Arts, restaurants and outdoors activities are important. Shopping in malls is not.


*I offer real estate and rental services so that text needs to be incorporated somewhere in the logo.
*Nautical symbols that tend to be overused: burgees, hulls, compass rose, and the captain's wheel. Not saying I am opposed to these symbols if they can be used in a fresh new way, just saying I see allot it in our area.
*I am unsure about 'house' images in the logo, again overused, but I have to agree it says 'real estate' so if you are going with that thought then a coastal type of image (see Real Estate by CREO).
*No beachy designs, please. Water is large part of the lifestyle but think sailboats/powerboats not sand dollars.
*Some type of serif font, without coming across as dull.
*Needs to translate into black and white easily.
*Colors: deep, rich red; cream; navy blue (no stark white or gloss)
*A couple of stock logo art that were interesting--Real Estate by CREO; Pond Grass by labmarquez; Pinecone by derrsign.

Once we secure the logo, I would like to work with the designer to come up with printed materials: business cards, stationary, information folders

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