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Logo needed for Cre8ive Thought

K64 avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Cre8ive Thought


The vision of Cre8ive Thought is to help make the software industry more professional and focused on quality. We will do this by promoting and teaching the principles of Software Craftsmanship to developers and managers. We will work together to introduce change within the whole software development process.

Our website is:

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We are targeting existing software development companies like product companies or consulting firms that want to increase the quality of the software they write and the knowledge and way of working of their employees.

By providing quality we will speed-up the development process and create more flexible software. Developers and companies that want to learn are key in this success.


Please note the exact writing of the name:

cre8ive thought

Please take a look at hugolouroza design with respect to simplicity and elegance of the actual words. I am however looking for an additional object in front of it. Please see for the general idea that I mean, only not a round boll think of something in relation with the 8. The color scheme I initially had in mind was blueish as my current design demonstrates, but I am open for other color scheme's

Logo can definitely be in 3D, perhaps the text more flat as the logo object.

Some key words that are critical to the company are:
- Software Craftsmanship
- Improvement
- Quality
- Creativity

The design on the current website is done by myself and is not great, but it shows the simplicity and coloring that I appreciate. Currently the logo is very flat and I don't really care about the rope, that was just the only thing I could find for the 8.

And all do I have created this current look I do hope to be surprised and I don't want this to limit you in anyway.

Besides the text cre8ive thought I would also like to see some sort of object, preferable with the 8 that fits with the text, but can also be used independently from it. So it can f.ex. also be used as an avatar or anything square. But the complete part would be the actual logo. I hope this makes sense.

Something like this logo: not the actual logo but the idea is what I am looking for.

Please provide an example how the logo looks like on a dark and light background.

I want the end product to be delivered CMYK in Adobe PSD or Illustrator format so it can be properly used for print. But I am also going to use it for the website and I am not sure how easily it converts to a layered RGB version, I expect the winning designer to give me some input on that as well. And it should include any used fonts and or other objects.

After a successful logo I will also need a complete design for the website.

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