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Logo for Innovation & Collaboration Consulting Company 

waizalf avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment waizalf a commencé son expérience création de logo

Récapitulatif will offer collaboration software, web 2.0 & coaching/consulting services. The logo should visualize a process of focused collaboration and communication to leverage innovation, to build consensus, etc. Common phases of our solution processes:
- Before: Chaos, conflict, problem, crisis, opposed interests
- Creative but structured Process:
1. Brainstorming and voting on goals/requirements/win-conditions
2. Collection of and discussion over issues/hurdles/problems
3. Creation of and voting on solution alternatives
4. Reach an agreement
- After: Innovation, consensus, solution

Although the logo should symbolize these dynamic and creative processes, it should follow the KISS (Keep it strictly simple) principle to signal structure.

We are looking forward to your ideas and are trying to get back to you on each single entry! Please take into account our posts to the discussions below.

Nom de l'entreprise

osensus - Tagline: focused collaboration

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise? will provide thefollowing solutions:
- ThinkTank: Work together to create and evaluate ideas, co-innovate. Spot, shape andscale innovations.
- RequirementsMining: Work together to mine requirements for projects. Vote on importance andease of implementation. Identify and solve issues. Agree on scope.
- ProductSmithy: Co-Innovate on new products. Identify “Jobs-to-be-done” for yourclients. Identify features and issues. Develop creative alternatives and find innovativesolutions.
- CostBrake: Identify and vote on cost saving possibilities. Discuss on potential andfeasibility and agree on plans.
- RoundTable: Help conflict parties to get to know their positions. Exchange and understandeach other’s in-depths interests and needs. Develop alternatives. Buildconsensus on solutions.
- VisionSmithy: Brainstorm on a bright future for your organization, team, partnership,etc. Identify and vote on objectives. Develop possible solutions. Negotiate andagree on common vision.
- StrategyWorkshop: Brainstorm and vote on objectives. Identify issues and hurdles to beconsidered. Develop alternatives and build consensus on strategy. 
- RiskMitigation: Identify and vote on potential risks. Brainstorm on mitigationactions. For each solution will offer a processdescription, a web-based Virtual Coach video tutorial, innovative web 2.0 basedsoftware including workshop templates, as well as professional consulting andsupport services. The target groups are medium/large and/or highly innovativecompanies, projects and teams with focus on research and development and innovation.Please go to our software partner’s website and watch the 3-minute “ThinkTank Video Demo” to get a flash impressionof what kind of services and software we will offer.

We need the following Variants:
- Logowith tagline on transparent background: Height: 80-100 px. Width: 250-400 px.
- Logowith tagline on colored background
- Iconwithout Tagline: 128x128 px
- Pleaseprovide logo with background and icon after you got your first 4 star ratingonly.Our starratings will be as follows:
- 1 star: Not interested in a design of this nature
- 2 stars: Concept, font or layout was good but not alogo we would consider.  
- 3 stars: Caught our eyes
- 4 stars: We like it
- 5 stars: Selected FinalistAfter thiscontest we will issue invitations for follow-up contests and tenders on developingour complete corporate identity: Individual logos for each single solution, webdesigns, Joomla Templates, flash demo and print design (business card, letter,etc.).


- Welike powerful but harmonic colors, waves, inspiration, energy, 3D / Web 2.0style
- Backgroundshould be suitable for web pages and PowerPoint presentations also
- Clearfonts (sans serif), Clear symbols
- KISS– Keep it strictly simple: As simple as possible, as complex as necessary
- The entiredesign must be original
- We need resizable and adaptable vector graphics (sources)– Adobe formats preferred

Ne veut pas

- Complexity,Confusion, anything too complicated
- Nocheesy/cartoonish graphics. No flowers. No recycled logos
- Bold,heavy fonts.
- Heavy checkered designs, rainbows, etc.

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