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Logo for Hot, New Snowboard Apparel Company

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WANTED: Logo design that will capture the passion of a hard-core snowboarder. The logo design will be branded to be recognized by full company name as well as by insignia. There will be a lot of follow up work after this initial design.

Nom de la marque

Ridiculous Snowboard Gear

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

I am looking for a logo design that will have the ability to last the test of time as fads & styles change while incorporating a bit of an edge in style.

These logos will be used for everything from business cards, websites, apparel designs, etc.  The name and logos will be everywhere in the snowboarding marketplace.

Here is how I define the feeling behind "Ridiculous Snowboard Gear":  "That move was so awesome it was Ridiculous,"  or "That dude got so much air it was Ridiculous."  Ridiculous is a positive word that defines amazement.  It does not have any negative meaning behind it at all.

Buyers of this apparel line will say, "I'm Ridiculous!", "He/She is Ridiculous!", or "We're Ridiculous!"

I would like examples of a company logo featuring the full business name (Ridiculous Snowboard Gear), a stand alone logo (which I define as an insignia) that only incorporates the letter "R" in some sort of "Badge" or "Seal," and a separate logo that would be used for the community membership site called "The Ridiculous Snowboard Nation."  The font, style and color should be the same for each item.

Classic examples include but should not be copied include:

Harley Davidson -


Boston Red Sox -

Red Sox Nation -

X BOX - http://www.Xbox.xom

Snowboard Company Specific examples include but should not be copied include:

Volcom -

Burton -

DC Shoes -

Skull Candy -

Ride Snowboards -

Salomon Snowboards -

Quiksilver -

Grenade -

Sims -

The above snowboard sites will also give you an idea of what is currently in the market.

The largest target market for Ridiculous Snowboard Gear is male/female ages 13-29.

This new apparel company is all about the snowboarder and the roots by which snowboarding becomes a person's passion.  This is not about corporate America.  The company will stress a sense of belonging and community and will give back to the snowboarding community via various charitable causes.

With this being my first of many design contests I hope I have given you effective guidance.  Feel free to ask questions for any clarification as I will give the best feedback I can on all of the designs.


- Item 1...My initial thoughts are to have the main company logo highlight the word "Ridiculous" with "Snowboard Gear" underneath it (similar to how Ride Snowboards does it).  But, I will defer to you as the design expert as to the ways to make it pop!  Another idea was to have the "R" logo (insignia) behind the company name faded 75% or so.  I'm not sure if that would be too overwhelming or distracting.  Again, just offering up ideas.  Please do what you do best and make me excited about the designs.
- The logo could have all capital letters or a combo of first letter capital the rest lowercase.  Again, I am open to your creativity.
- I am open to color schemes that you feel will make it pop and fit the overall feel to the logo.
- The font needs to be clean, crisp and readable.
- I would like the art in a vector format like that produced by Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Ne veut pas

- Item 1...No pinks or feminine looking colors.
- No fancy script type fonts.

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