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Logo for high-end international web-portal for R&D people.

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BlueSEQ is the worlds first web-portal for R&D people, that works within DNA research projects.
- Win this logo project and have a great chance to become our new ad-hoc designer for the portal!

New DNA technologies are now able to be used for research and diagnostics for e.g. genetic based sicknesses. The technologies are pt. developing very very fast and researchers around the world has a hard time keeping the overview over the possibilities that the new development is bringing them.

BlueSEQ is a new company founded by some very experienced people from this DNA analysis market. We are right now developing and setting up the BlueSEQ web-portal, that includes; a "tech knowledge bank", some "online project design tool" and a “DNA Project Exchange”. This web-portal will help researchers all around the world to understand these new technologies better. The portal help ensure that their research projects are set up with the right technologies the first time and are matched up with the right project partners.

BlueSEQ is the first and only neutral player in this market, that the researchers can go to to get neutral advice, as the rest of the players are sales people from commercial companies, that are everything else than neutral.

After this logo design project, we will set up a webpage design project! So why not make a really nice design and win both ;-)

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target audiences are DNA researchers at Universities, Hospitals and in Biotech companies. The target people are often very intelligent people and they often have a longer university degree.

These people does not care for things that are too "pimped up" or too "glamorous". They like "clean-cut" and "functional" things that are stylish and cool looking.

Design ideas: As a big part of the portal is about being a "DNA project exchange” that provides neutral prices/new/information, it could have it a "look and feel" like of an stock exchange or a newspage:

But it should be a bit more cool, clean-cut and stylish... Here I am thinking something like the logo and webpages of Audi (that has the feel we are looking for) (Audi as in: agile, powerful and stylish) and a bit of Apple (as in: simple, clean-cut and user-friendly)

But just ask away if you need more info - or want some extra guidance! E-mail: and skypeID: michaelheltzen


We are looking for a brand new logo-design. (and in next round a webpage design)

We are thinking the following when we think about our design, brand and company:
The design should show that BlueSEQ is (soon going to become) the worlds leading player of its kind.
BlueSEQ is a high-end brand with focus on quality, updated information and professionalism - all with a neutral perspective.
- we want to send the signal that we are trustworthy and providing neutral information.

We also like the "check-mark" symbol, so feel free to play with that as the logo/part of the logo. But please remember that we will like a clean-cut logo.

We like the color blue, as we find it being the color of trust and that it gives a professional look on things. Blue can also be used in many nice shades (e.g see the picture "power of blue")
BTW: The DNA technologies that we work with are called DNA Sequencing – hence the SEQ in our BlueSEQ name.

We do not wish to see the following in the logo design:
DNA strings (everybody has that in our area of business)
Too many different colors - but blue for sure (a few other could be okay, if it looks great)

I am very happy to give feedback or additional info, so feel free to contact me at or via skype ID: michaelheltzen

Please note that our design at is temporary, and not what we are looking for.

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