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My name is Kevin and I am a commercial pilot and and I own I have busy forums on that site, but I am creating a new forum site so that I can grow my forum membership. The new site will be called and I will migrate the old membership and forums to the new site. The forums have a busy airline following. Airline employees come to the site to vent and discuss their company. Various Airline Management also watch the boards to see what their employees are discussing. I am hoping that the new forum at will allow this membership to expand while also drawing in more passenger related discussions from passengers who fly on airlines.

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Airline Employees of various US Domestic and Foreign Airlines and Aircraft Operators. Pilots, Mechanics, Flight Attendants, Dispatchers, and Airline Managers. I wish to expand forum growth into Passenger related Discussions and boards on the new site while growing the airline employee base. Airline employees like to complain about their jobs or discuss mergers, accidents, wages, benefits, schedules. Passenger will most likely write complaints or discuss a flight. Passengers will also discuss their frequent flyer programs.


I would like a logo and or header that will be used in an Invision Power Board Skin that will capture the airline industry's soul. Aviation is a unique industry and flying is a lifestyle that people find romantic, exciting, and thrilling. It should be something that employees and passengers can relate to. will have a large base when launched, but I want to open it up to more passenger discussions as I move forward so that eventually it will be a forum that anyone who flies for or on an airline can come to discuss the airline industry -- US or Foreign. Employee issues, passenger issues, and Industry issues will all be highlighted on the new forums and I am looking to get a forum look and feel that will facilitate this goal, appeal to advertisers, and keep and grow membership. I have attached a logo design image that I find appealing, but I don't neccesarily have to go in that direction. I like the style of the entire logo with the name, not just a logo image. But please do not feel that the logo / header has to look like those. A photograph could be used as well. PLEASE USE YOUR CREATIVE AND INDIVIDUAL STYLE TO MAKE A LOGO/HEADER THAT YOU MIGHT DO IF YOU WERE LAUNCHING THIS SITE. Let me see what you think of flying and aviation in your design. I have also attached some skin colors that I find appealing. The logo / header should have an aviation, airline, and aircraft look and feel. But please...I want to see your individuallity in this design. Thanks! (Try to remember your first flight when you design this! What do you remember? Clouds? The wing? That amazing feeling when you break ground?)

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