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I am the President of an Audio Video Integration Company that specializes in the Sales, Design, and Integration/Installation of Audio Video Equipment for corporate conference rooms and training rooms, installing projectors, screens, electronic whiteboards, video and teleconferencing equipment, touchpanels and more. We recently went through a design process to come up with our existing logo which I have attached that shows you how what we designed for A.A.V.I.D. (Automated Audio Video Integration and Design). Since we primarily have sold projectors over the years but have started selling more equipment than just projectors this logo was changed from a projector to just an "a" (first letter of the company name) that is in the shape of a lens (like a projector lens). While we are happy with that logo for our main company we are now opening up a sister website selling just projector lamps. We are looking for a good logo to represent the online lamp store but wondering if we should integrate our new AAVID Logo into the design somehow so we can stay branding AAVID as a "name brand". We have actually purchased a few lamp sites but have not decided on one yet. Therefore, i want a new logo to see which one i feel will best represents the site but will go along with my main company advertising and print media.

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Our Audience will be not only our current clients but will be marketed nationally to Schools, Universities, Convention Centers, Large corporations and such since we are trying to reach larger organizations that purchase many lamps at once for there many projectors.

The interesting thing about this is that I am opening up 4 other sites and will need logos, websites, print material, brochures, even icons for each done. I will be moving forward with this within the next few weeks, so would like to use the same artist I hire for these other things too.


I am open to color variations. While I like my existing logo for AAVID Presentation Systems, I do think something needs to set the new logo apart. Will it have the exact same Lens then new lettering for the site or will it have a completely new logo, new coloring or what? If you look at one of the images of a lamp i attached you will see that if you stood a lamp on its side it would form and "L" I imagined the L having the image of the lamp inside it or maybe even a ray of light coming out of the lamp. I think that could look good but not sure if it would compete with the 'a" lens logo or not. I'm open for suggestions.

I want to be original, so please do not use any stock images or clip art in the logo.I do however fancy the "Apple" ipod icon type white backgrounds, shadows on the ground below it and such, you know, the "Pixar" type of logo. But of course not sure that would look best on my site.

I need print and web formats of the logos please.

Note: I purchased AVLampsNow, AVLampsOnline, and Projectorlamps now that will all point to the If you think these others might have a better logo capability let me know.

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