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New Logo for existing B2B software company

Software Company avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise

Software Company, Expert in Business Software


15-09-2010 Update: Our management team decided not to change the name to 'De Expert' but to 'Software Company' in stead. This happened three days after the start of this contest. We regret this change and would like to ask you if you would change your designs to the new name.
If you won't don't worry. You will still be running for the contest. In the case you will win we need the PSD file in order to change the name from 'De Expert' to 'Software Company' ourselves.
Thanks a lot,


Please find the updated briefing here:

We are a Dutch Business Solutions Software Company established in 1995. Our current name is: VBVB Business Solutions ( which we are going to change into 'Software Company' with various undertitels.

We sell, install, configure and support Financial sotware solutions (see:, CRM and ERP-software. We also take care of application hosting if needed.
On top of that we do the application maintenance and provide help desk services to our customers.

In short: We take a company to the next (software) level in order to help them grow their business.

What distinguishes us is that we are not overselling like many of our competitors. We prefer a long term relationship over a quick gain. And we want to do business in a different way: no ties, but results!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

There are two types of buying customers:

1. The financial professional (or CFO) who is looking for new financial (bookkeeping) software for the company. He/she is typically 45 years old and cost driven. He has to be sure that the solution (and partner) he chooses are the right choice for the company.

2. The entrepreneur or owner. 35 years old. Sees the advantages that IT-solutions can bring for his company. He is typically a buyer that looks further then only the financial part. So upselling to him is easier as short term costs are less important compared to the long term savings he will have.

Our buyers can choose from a lot of potential suppliers. Most of them are 'standard Web1.0 IT-companies' with boring names and boring logo's.
We would like to provide them a refreshing alternative to choose from.


As said we are going to refresh our corporate identity to make us outstanding compared to our competitors. And we are going to start with a new logo design...

The logo should contain:

1. Our new company name: 'Software Company'
2. A subtitle: 'Expert in Business Software' (it should be possible to change this to other subtitles for our other productlines, like: Expert in online research, Expert in applicatiehosting, Expert in managed services, etc)
3. 'Sinds 1995' (which means Since 1995 in Dutch). This may be added or not.

We are thinking about a logo that has a retro look (50s/60s/70s) or at least differs from the standard logo's of IT companies and which is still appealing to the professionals that are customers are.
But if you think you can be overwhelming with another idea, please feel free to submit that as it is highly appreciated by us.

Later we will create a new website based on this logo as well as all stationaries.

Please feel free to let your creativity go! If your logo is in colour mind that it needs to be prossible to print in black and white as well.

Our promise: We will make sure that we respond to your questions as soon as possible and give ratings to your submissions at least two times a day.

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