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Logo Design for Private Equity Corporate in China

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MING Capital


Ming Capital is a small private equity partnership, based in Beijing and Shanghai, covering business in pan-China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. We are looking to design the new look and feel of our company starting with our logo and branding.

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What we do:
We work in the Private Equity industry which is a new and rapidly expanding industry in China. On one hand, we deal with wealthy private investors and their money, where we invest with the goal of earning profitable returns for our clients. On the other hand, we look for companies to invest in. Most of these would be innovative, mid-sized, rapidly growing, but in need of cash to expand their business.

The specific industries we focus on include education, health care, new materials, and clears energy.

Who we are:
Our company was founded by three Chinese partners, young in their early 30s, but experienced in investing and banking.
To illustrate what we see as our company’s personality, here are a few examples :
If we were food, we would be sushi because it is, healthy, has an Asian-flavor, and is flexible and can be expressed in many ways.
If we were an airline, we would be Qantas (Australia’s national Airline) because it is subtle, small but safe, never fails, but consistently deliver’s good quality, at a good price.
If we were an automobile, we would be a BMW 3-series, small but practical, from a reputable company and meticulous attention to details and quality.

Brand meaning:
“Ming Capital” is derived from several Chinese characters which have the same pronunciation.
"明", “Ming” is a combination of two individual Chinese characters, left is 日which means the "Sun", while the right side is 月 which means "Moon". The character indicates quite a series of good meanings: brightness, future, hope, potential, clarity, wisdom, transparency, and shininess,
"名", “Ming” indicates nobility, celebrated, well-known, with a good reputation and a high profile.
"鸣" “Ming” indicates rocketing development and amazing growth

All of these characters are pronounced the same way, so on hearing our name of “Ming Capital” there are a number of different positive connotations which will occur to the listener.In the written form of our name we use the first Ming, made of the Sun and the Moon. The basic history of this character can be found here -

Chinese calligraphy is very expressive and several forms of the written calligraphic form of 明 can be found here. Which show the evolution of the two parts of the word over time.…sification and written in different styles.
And here -…nbian.html

This page offers a view into additional ways to write Ming –…16259.html


What we want:
A logo that combines both a classic image but which also includes a refreshing color. . While we are bankers and investors which imply that our logo must still convey stability, attention to detail and security, we would welcome a feeling of life and transformation which brings out that we invest in new and growing industries. We are looking for something that uniquely represents the qualities and position of the company, which distinguishes us from the stereotype of bankers and investors but still carries an image of trust-ability.

Color reference: We are open to color schemes but need to be able to convey the concepts of credibility, trust, reliability, and prudence. While we manage money for our clients, at our heart and soul we are a service provider. While not conventional, we would welcome green, and yellow, or other vibrant to be tried in the design, but the crucial image items of trust and stability cannot be lost.
Our operations are in Asia, and our company is dominated by Chinese-cultural influences, so we must be cognizant of how the perception of the logo and branding would fit with Chinese tastes and in the mind of our clients who are typically ethnic Chinese

What we don't want
We are not a flowery, sweet, feminine brand, and don't want something too flashy, cocky, too complicated, or common.
We also don't want something “too Chinese”, too traditional, too stylish, or too cute.

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