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Logo design - BioTech / IT start up needs your creativity!

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Nom de la marque



The Wimasis GmbH develops and deploys image analysis solutions mainly for biomedical research. The focus of its activities lies in the development of robust, quantitative and automated web-based image analysis standards. Our “outside-the-box” thinking delivers new, innovative and creative solutions that can detect and track cells and structures on image and video files. We are reliable and dependable, honest and trustworthy.
We are passionate and focused on delivering leading, innovative solutions and quality products, constantly aiming for the best, the optimum. Providing quality, hassle- and stress-free services that allow our customers to relax, be happy and feel safe and confident in our hands. Attention to detail is important and we will strive for perfection in all that we do.

Thank you in advance for your creativity. This is an urgent project that will be
monitored continuously. We will provide feedback and guidance as soon as possible. Further
projects for corporate identity and marketing material will follow for the winner of this competition.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Small, medium and large businesses and research groups of all types who require professional help with their software-based image analysis, are looking for cost efficient I.T. solutions or wish to outsource their I.T. requirements, etc.. Our main target audience is anyone looking for ways to objectively analyze their biomedical cell-based assay images. The typical user of the application would be a biologist, pathologist or a technical assistant at a lab.


We are looking for a logo that fits our corporate identity, a design that invokes the image of a professional and trustworthy service provider. The logo design will appear in all corporate content such as business cards, our website, marketing material, letterheads, etc.

+Words "Wimasis" and “image analysis” to be used.
+„Wimasis“ is the main company name. „image analysis“ should be smaller and more in the background in terms of appearance.
+A modern, sophisticated, professional, crisp and clean font
+slick, professional, creative and clever should come to mind through the logo
+Logo should be impactful and memorable (meaning that it should also work on its own)
+Logo can be abstract and doesn't necessarily have to portray anything
+all objects need to be printable in black&white and color
+all objects need to be scalable from small (business cards) to big (posters)
+“Wimasis” is the short version of “Web-based Image Analysis
+sketched ideas and doodles also welcome (we will give you feedback very quickly on whether or not we find your idea interesting)
+it is very important that the design does not look too crazy or like a cheap web2.0 design.
+It should work on dark and bright backgrounds
+Final files must include vector files .eps & .ai and layered .psd

This is an urgent project and we will provide feedback and guidance continuously during the day.


Dear designers,

thank you very much for your participation! We are very happy with the outcome so far... Naturally we don't get to work with designers on a regular basis, so please bear with us, when our requirements "evolve" along with the contest.

we don't really want an icon/logo that just portrays the letter "W". Instead it should be something that involves maybe more colors with the basic color palette being greenish / blueish / biotechish :). Design elements could be microscopes, cells, magnifying glasses etc. etc. ... however this is NOT a requirement. Generally we are looking for a more or less abstract logo / icon that maybe has overlapping parts, different color theme ideas etc. ... and as always we invite you to post unfinished doodles and scetches, so that we can give you feedback on your ideas...

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