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Logo: Crochet Garden - $100; $10 runner-up

Etaria avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Classy logo needed for crochet website. Runner up compensation also offered.

Nom de la marque

Crochet Garden

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Boutique quality patterns

Desired Color Scheme:
Open to almost all colors, but am a fan of coffee/natural/earthy colors, no neon colors

Accepted File Formats:
fonts/art/ used, vector format, psd with high reso. layers, tif with high reso. layers & whatever else you think I may need

I began designing crochet patterns a couple years ago and now stay at home with my kids designing. The Crochet Garden is now in its second year of business, and continues to expand even more each week. This would be the first logo for the Crochet Garden.

Through Sitepoint forums and lots of questions, I now have recoded the website although not perfect, but close to how I am wanting it to look. You can see the site here:

One does not necessarily have to go with the "theme" of the site, but the logo should complement it somehow. I am pretty much open as I think there are many ways to approach the logo. I definitely know what I do not like and that is the following:
No neon colors
No cartoon-look
No bubbly/comic-book like feel
No sterile business look

Not too sure on pastels but again, I am open.

The feel for the website I was/am trying to achieve and thus would want to extend into the logo is a classy, calm but rich feel... As if one could smell the cedar, see the luster of old english, etc. Upscale, and not necessarily feminine. There are men who crochet as well. I want something creative, unique, stylish. While it should be professional, I do not a cold/business look. Browse the site, especially the patterns section and that may give you more insight.

The winner also may be contacted down the line for more work for website buttons, revamp of header etc.

More Insight to the business:
With my crochet designs, I am trying to take on a new "era" of crochet. I chose the name Crochet Garden because my patterns are like a garden. My designs are highly unique and the finished products look like items from top-of-the-line stores or top quality boutiques. With that in mind, the logo should extend this. Also, the crochet garden is indeed growing. I have now have my first advertisement in one of the biggest circulating crochet magazines, as well as a solid reputation in the internet world. The goal will be to start expanding more into the paper world and thus it is now really time to get a logo.

The site header uses Beachman Script but you do not have to use that. I do like scripts that are legible, but do not restrict yourself to those types of fonts in that I want your creative vibes to feel free. The header also has within it these dingbats.. I do have permission from the original designer to use them for whatever purposes I choose. This is up to you if you want to use them, I leave the design completely up to you. You can download them here if you wish:

What logo will be used for:
A button on the page people can use to link to
Business cards
Printing on T-shirts, mugs etc.
On patterns themselves
(Thus needs to be high scalable)

Signed release of copyright will also be needed.

Since I work through the home and am constantly on the computer you will receive prompt feedback.. This is my first contest but I have been watching this forum for quite a while eagerly anticipating the day I finally hold a contest. So I am just as excited as you hopefully are, and am a firm believer communication is essential.

If I cannot make a decision between 2 logos, I will also offer to purchase both for the full prize of $100.00 each, that is if 2 winners are allowed.

Again this is my first contest, so if you need more information or have any questions, please ask away! And I apologize if I was too wordy in this description! :)

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