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Kick-Ass Logo Needed for Our New Start-Up!

Ken Herron avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise

SocialGrow (website [when it launches]:


SocialGrow helps individuals and organizations around the world to realize the benefits of social networks.

SocialGrow's flagship product, the SocialGrow Web and Mobile Phone Software Application, enables people of all technical levels to quickly and easily grow their professional and/or personal online social networks.

SocialGrow's Consulting division, SocialGrow Consulting, researches, analyzes, and makes recommendations on social networking strategies.

SocialGrow's Professional Services division, SocialGrow Professional Services, manages social networks.

Our marketing goal is to communicate the human side of what our technology enables -- new connections between people that might not have otherwise happened. A new job after a year of unemployment. The love of your life after a break-up that left you thinking you'd never meet anyone. A huge customer when you didn't know whether your business would survive. Each new connection truly has the potential to be life-changing. We also want to show the concept of growth, not just the number of people one has in their multiple online networks, but the value received from the richness of having a large, diverse network.

SocialGrow is a proud member of the Microsoft BizSpark Startup program, and is sponsored by CommonAngels of Lexington, Massachusetts (

SocialGrow was founded by industry veterans Marsh Sutherland (President), Ken Herron (CMO), and Charbel Elkhoury (CTO).

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

SocialGrow's target customers include virtually anyone -- Fortune 500 CEOs to grandmothers -- looking to get more value out of the rapidly increasing number of social networks:

- students looking for friends

- singles looking to not be single (and marrieds looking to no longer be married...)

- entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for customers, employees, and resources

- job hunters looking for their next job

- recruiters looking to fill their positions

- non-profits looking for volunteers, donors, and sponsors

- academic institutions looking for students, employees, and donors

- local, state, and Federal government agencies looking for volunteers, employees, and resources

- corporations and their brands looking for new customers and ways to improve relationships with existing customers

Tagline: Fast, easy, and fun, SocialGrow is the best food for your growing social network!


We need a killer logo [and accompanying color scheme] to use as the anchor graphic for all of our company's marketing, advertising, and communications materials. We need the logo to be scalable so that it is as instantly recognizable in the icon/thumbnail for an iPhone app as it is on a billboard.

Look: clean, crisp, modern, simple, efficient, powerful, whimsical.

Feel: human, organic, approachable, stress-/anxiety-reducing, intuitive, easy, fun.

Tone: helpful, reassuring, confident, expert, knowledgeable.

Voice: Warm, comforting, personal, caring, understanding, assertive.

Theme: Image-wise, we have been playing around with how best to visualize this concept of natural, healthy, positive growth. What we came up with -- good, bad, or just plain weird -- were organic gardens, vegetables, fruits, other foods, different types of flowers, and other plants. Our favorite concept, however, is a modern take on "Jack and the Beanstalk".

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