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Nom de la marque

3DSemantix, 3DPartFinder


Semantics is the study of meaning. In computer science, a “semantic gap” frequently occurs whenever ordinary human activities, observations, and tasks are transferred into a computational representation.

In a very similar way, engineers designing 3D models using CAD systems are facing a problem when searching for similar parts in a database and using alphanumeric-based search systems. This method is so unproductive that today, designers prefer to create a new part instead of using one that is already in inventory, for lack of being able to find it easily. The designer is facing a semantic gap; he search for SHAPE but has to provide ALPHANUMERIC characters to the search engine, hoping the model name will contain some and bring a few results. He has to become a database administrator.

3DSemantix has filled the gap and created the semantics that allow one to search for similar parts using a 3D MODEL as input to the search engine, not alphanumeric characters. Our first product using this new semantics is a shape-based search engine: 3DPartFinder. 3DPartFinder works the same way Google does, except you provide it with a CAD file instead of alphanumeric characters. The designer quickly drafts a sketch of the model he wants, or input a CAD file into our search engine. 3DPartFinder will then search the database and present in a 3D view all the similar or identical parts.

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We are targeting CAD (Computer Aided Design) designers, engineers, technicians. More globally, the CAD user’s community, from purchasing to product documentation in major industries such as aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment as well as various mechanical industries. The search engine will be launched as an add-on within one of the leading CAD Solutions.

Our technology is disruptive and we want to visually reinforce the attributes of leadership, innovation, boldness, forethought and vision. The logo for 3DPartFinder should be inspired by the corporate logo (3DSemantix). The corporate logo 3DSemantix, at first glance, doesn’t have to be associated with 3D technology. It could, but it is not a requirement. Although the name might sound a bit intellectual, the logo should be simple, stylish, modern and professional. It should definitely project a corporate feel.
The logo should be recognizable, even from a reasonable distance.


We are seeking two logos; one for 3DSemantix, one for 3DPartFinder.
Look & Feel:
- Should be clear, clean and bold. Not overworked or too busy
- The name of the company, 3DSemantix, should appear at the bottom of the logo with nothing on either side of the name. For instance, you can refer to the Adobe logo.
- Should be easily translated black & white, work on dark or light backgrounds, or have such appropriate versions
- No Cartoons (not cheap or childish)
- No stock images or clip art
- Nothing stodgy, stuffy, or old-fashioned. We're leading-edge!

Please include original vector graphics. Use original material.
File Requirements:
Print file format - .ai (CMYK) and .eps
Web file format - .jpg and layered .psd (RGB, 300 dpi or better)

Deliverables should include digital art in high, medium and low resolution psd/jpg/png form as well as the original layered file. We will use the logo online, but also, on promo material, on merchandise, PowerPoint and all other documents and products.

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