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Innovative hi-tech Australian plastics company needs new Logo

Adrian Cursio avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Advance-Tec Plastics Pty Ltd


Advance-Tec Plastics Pty Ltd is a plastics manufacturing business based in Dandenong South, Australia specialising in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of Custom Injection Moulded Products and Industrial Components.

The company was formed in 2002 by the merging of a 30-year old hi-tech industrial components factory and a 75-year old shoe components factory. Shoe components is not a growth market in Australia so not our main focus anymore.

We have recently invested in innovation and development by strengthening our industrial design team and installing a rapid prototype-making machine which brings 3D cad drawings to life, before the tooling investment is made.

Our overall aim is to always feed work to our factory by actually securing the production which comes from the new development, rather than designing a new product which will be moulded somewhere else... As a result we can subsidise the development which is a huge positive for customers...

With our new logo we intend to market ourselves more strongly within Australia as the leaders in plastic injection moulding technology.

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This is a highly competitive market. Our target customers are typically B2Bs that are looking to bring plastic components or their inventions 'to life'.

We are looking to attract new customers who may require 3D CAD, rapid prototyping, new tooling and/or moulding from the following industries: medical, mining, furniture, automotive, boating, health, agribusiness, sports, footwear and other industries.

Usually our projects are complementary within a larger assembly which the customer is developing. (eg. Plastic vents within an air-conditioning system, Water jets within a Spa Bath, Stiletto heels within a ladies shoe, Nylon bearings within a conveyor system).

We also sell a range of stock plastic components to curtain manufacturers, shoe makers and repairers, homeware distributors and mining and medical industries.

As we have a diverse range of machine sizes so we can mould tiny components (<1 gram) right up to very large parts (10kg), in materials ranging from commodity grades (PP, HDPE) to specialist grades (ABS, PU, Nylon).

We also quote against competitors to take-over the manufacturing for new potential customers.


Our main aim is to create a unique, modern & professional logo that encapsulates our position as a 'full design and production partner' from design, prototypes, tooling, testing to production, logistics and sales.

We have also commissioned the development of a new website – the current one page (ugly) website,, gives you an idea but is being redeveloped to encompass our full service capabilities. The logo served the old website but needs to evolve into a stronger more modern technological image.

We want it clean, not too fancy, and something that will convey we create, develop and design plastic components of all types. Two colour blue and white is suggested (but not mandatory), but up to three colours (including white) will be entertained.

We want a logo that doesn't substantially lose its integrity when you fax or photocopy it...

Use the company name in the design, either under the logo or after the logo. Please select a contemporary font that is very clear and easy to read, eg. we like Verdana, Futura however something different will be refreshing.

Need to keep the logo more horizontal than vertical (do not want it taking up too much height on the web site or business cards).

Please do not use any stock images or clip art in the logo.

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