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Identity / Logo / Branding design for consulting/ solution company

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See latest update in description ***Do you have what it takes to be in this competition?***

NO COOKIE CUTTER TEMPLATES PLEASE MUST BE ORIGINAL - READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START AND PLEASE LOOK AT THE SAMPLES. THE VECTOR IMAGE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS LOGO FOR YOU TO GET RIGHT. I need a very crisp and clean vector graphic logo that consists of the company name in standard font with a small vector logo that represents the business solution provided by the company and also what the definition of concenter is. It's extremely important that the vector image is unique and represents something different, not the cookie cutter circles and swirls, spheres and arrows you see on every logo sample on the internet.

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:
***GET CREATIVE ON COLOR SCHEME*** We like dark blues and grey but are really open to any colors except bright vivid colors needs to be simple, striking - Surprise us and make us go WOW i would definetely remember that !!!!!!!

Desired Style:
MUST BE UNIQUE - SPECIFICALLY VECTOR LOGO - Fresh, simple, striking, hi tech, builds trust, see description for some examples

Accepted File Formats:
Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai)

Concenter is a Sales Operations Consulting and business process improvement provider. The company goal is to take complex business, people, process, and tool problems make them simple and less threaded threaded through consulting and/or outsourcing. My client works with fortune 500 companies so this needs to look like it can compete with the big boys.

Dictionary definition of Concenter:

- Bring into focus or alignment; to converge or cause to converge; of ideas or emotions

- To bring or converge to a common center;

- Concentrate

We are looking for a very simple logo that consists of the company name and a vector logo that represents what the company is all about, concentrating on making very complex business environments and processes extremely simple.

Some examples of logos/branding we like @ three different levels:

1. Major marketing campaign: - Brocade name with the "B Wing" logo - Represents our vision of a clean straightforward logo design

2. Average quick and diret marketing campaign  - Name of company with minds being shared logo connecting in a single point. We like the perception this builds with the vector art - about making minds come together to solve things, leveraged knowledge and "concentration" tying back to the term concenter

3. DIY marketing campaign: - logo reflecting multiple maze entries , the thought of navigating through them all coming to a simple, single point. Represents a play on the definition of concenter. 

4. One idea we has was to potentially combine the graphic in @2 & 3 above and put two simple head drawings with mazes in them that connect in the middle.

5. We really like the concept of the radial arm maze. Maybe a unique drawing of this with or with or without the company name embedded in the drawing.…20MAZE.jpg…760_it.jpg…dialmz.gif

6. Another option is an 8 point Asterisk (or maybe less or more) - Similar to the radial arm maze concept.

 7. Maybe you get what we are trying to convey and come up with something really unique graphic that shows play on the terms concenter, aliging, converging with the ability to concentrate

Think making something complex seem very basic and simple.

*****     This is where 90% of the logo will be judged !     *****

It's extremely important that the vector image is unique and represents something different, not the cookie cutter circles and swirls you see on every logo sample on the internet. We do not want any bullseye, dartboard, atom, nucleus or simple arrow based logos. This needs to be simple and very easy to remember. Think Silicon Valley strong branding, hi tech. 

We are still debating if the company name should be with a lower or uppercase C in the word "concenter" so you may want to submit the logo both ways.

We do not want any glossy, 3d, web 2.0. No screaming colors, neons. It needs to be crisp, sharp, simple and fresh mabe even with a spash of retro by keeping the design and text simple.

From a color perspective we like dark blue and grey, we are open to any color scheme that looks fresh as we know color schemes can be changed around later. Again stay away from the bright colors, this is about simplicity. GET CREATIVE ON THE COLOR SCHEME, Show us the WOW Factor!!!

Winner must sign a contract assigning copyright to us and warrant originality of the artwork, before issuing payment. 

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