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Hip Custom Motorcycle Logo & Corp id

CMCM avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment CMCM a commencé son expérience création de logo


We design and build custom motorbikes for clients that want to create their very own dream machine.

Are you up for the challenge in designing a totally cool corp id for us?
One thats also groovy, fresh, pleasing on the eye, sleek with well-balanced lines, depicts muscle, power, a ballzie, beefy, tough ass image…. yet still very appealing.

Are you up for it?

Nom de la marque

Kickass Custom Motorcycles

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

What we do?
We are a new company. We design and build custom motorbikes for clients that want to create their very own dream machine.
We assist them with their designs, ensure all components, (engine, transmission, drive train, wheels, accessories, etc) will logistically work, and all the while visually complimenting one another.
Within the individual component selection, the clients have countless options to custom and detail each items making their bike a complete “One Off” masterpiece.

A design twist:
While the traditional biker logo or website comes in standard black background, red and/or orange, and usually has fire, drag car flames and/or naked chicks on them, we want to come from a slightly different angel.

Slightly different angel meaning, a more clean, modern, somewhat cool and groovy look within the entire vibe and personality of the logo. We do however, wish to borrow some of these dark, satanic elements from these outdated biker designs, (their fonts), and use it in a way to breath new life into the over all antiquated darkness and vibe of the older style logos, but doing it in a fresh, zesty, classy, elegant and savvy manor.

Tattoo: we would like a funky styled tattoo to be part of the icon. Here lies the challenge! As I believe for the tattoo to have a more modern look, it will need to have a more air brushed appearance?

The muscle bikes:
Firstly here are the kinds of finished bikes that we are customizing for clients:


Here’s what KickAss means to us:

One hell of a wicked looking bike! Kickass meaning a fantastic, awesome, brilliant, outstanding, over the top, outrageous bike that will turn the heads of even those who don’t like this style of bike.

We want it to conjure up a feeling of muscle and strength, yet is somewhat playful!

About our clients:
Self-motivated, 35 to 55 year young, colorful characters, business owners, hard working self employed, cashed up bogans! with plenty of money to spend on toys.

All files to be delivered in editable photoshop, ai, etc files, thanks.


- Logo, corp id including business card, letterhead, with comp slips, fax header etc:
- Fonts we like: Go here: http://www.kickasscustommotorcycles…4529438477
- Icon/Tattoo we like: Go to link above
- Tattoo layout
We would like the layout to have the tattoo behind the “Kickass Custom” motorcycles, or be somehow incorporated into the logo, basically becoming the icon that could be used separately on its own and with the text. We also believe these tattoos are a little aggressive, we feel they should be of this kind of design, but with a combination of airbrushed finishes to soften it out and give it a overall groovy and up market savvy appearance rather than a heavy metal biker look as these do.
- Colours:
Metallic Silver, Purple, Black, and White & Chocolate
Extra options, Gunmetal grey, Orange
- Background:
- “Tag Line”
The ultimate riding experience- Our temporary website:
This will be the next design task to put up as a contest.
- Logo applications:
• PRINT (Standard repro.)
• STATIONERY (Letterheads, etc.)
• BROCHURES (Standard repro.)
• SIGNAGE (Digital output)
• SIGNAGE (Plotter/Vinyl)
• SILK-SCREEN (Wearables print)
• EMBROIDERY (Wearables)
• STATIONERY (Letterheads, etc.)
• DIE CUT (Emboss)
• DESKTOPS (Wallpaper)

Ne veut pas

- As explained above

Pack personnalisé

300 $US

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