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High End Salon & Spa Logo Design for new business start up!

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Nom de la marque

Arvasi Salon & Spa


Hi, My name is Liana Shaw and I am the sole proprititor of "Arvasi Salon & Spa'. I am a mother, an artist, a henna lady & makeup artist. I have always had a natural draw to the East Indian culture. Intrigued & inspired by mehendi designs I find in textiles & henna tattoo designs. I enjoy experimenting with vibrant colors, textures, & mehendi patterns to create my art work & Loving the experience being a henna lady vending the last 5 years, Fun! Check out my pics.

Past work experince has taught me & led me to the path of where am at today in starting my own business. I am positive & confident with keen entreprenuerial skills and sense. I was a partner in business for 6 years & have worked in upper management positions however had the desire & endeavoured to create self employment. I have worked in the beauty and wellness industry within the Aveda network for a couple years. If unaware of the Aveda brand please check out the link. It's a wonderful company to be partnered with to share a vision—respect for the Earth, passion for the best creative and technical work, and nurturing, high-touch care.

So here I am now with the opportunity to create & blend my passion and endevours all under one roof; so exciting! I should let you know Arvasi means 'beautiful' in Sanskrit resonating with the theme & culture of the buisness.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Logo design will be used for marketing tools to be inclusive of but not limited to: service menu, store signage, website, all print materials & advertisements, stickers, on clothing etc.

Age: 14 years to 55 years (wide range considered to be market the salon and spa services separetely)
Gender: Females and males (75% catered to the Female population and 25% to Male )
Geographic Area : Locals and visiting guests to Cranbrook, BC
Leisure Activities: Most guests will be considering or maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
Fitness related activities include: gym, aerobic classes, yoga, pilates, hiking, biking etc.
Intrerests: environmentally concisious, fashion forward, health & wellness

Location is just down the street from the local high school and theater. The location hence is a high traffic location to marketing to a major portion of my target market.

The salon and makeup will be marketed towards the younger 14-30 year olds. Fashion forward, getting into makeup, higher disposable income due to lack of expenses.

The spa will be marketed towards the 30-55 year olds, specifically the baby boomers. As there is a desire services for health, wellness and luxury items. Again higher disposable income


Logo to consist of brand name "Aravasi Salon & Spa" along with an icon.

Font to be black and resonate with the Aveda font. Clean, bold, & sharp points on the 'a' & 'v" , (but no dot in the middle like of aveda). No rounded fonts like comic sans

Possibly arrange "Arvasi" on top in larger font with "Salon & Spa" underneath smaller in font with icon on left side.
Possibly arrange "Arvasi Salon & Spa" in straight line with icon on side

Icon has to appeal to both men and women. Urban, up scale, fresh and simple.

Icon is to be a simple/delicate plant leaf; maybe a fern, vine, papaya leaf, etc.
Icon color to be a fresh green, a new leaf green ~ am using Aveda's green in decor see link for the color image ~ may come up in the full gallery scroll through till you can see a pic. of a green wall with the aveda makeup display with make up chair on right side of pic., left side of pic is white front desk & walls

bamboo, maple leafs, flowers, cartoon images,
color other than black, green

Hopefully I have inspired you in someway to create and share the same vision in my branding. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
Good Luck and all the best,


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