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Heraldic Coat-of-Arms Logo for a Parochial School

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We need a coat-of-arms / logo designed as the basis for re-branding our school. We made an attempt, but came up with something that is too similar to other schools, businesses, and organizations in our local area.

Nom de la marque

Holy Cross School (

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

This logo needs to feel established, credible, and UNIQUE. It needs to tie in some of the elements of the school (see 'Wants').

We previously worked with the International Association of Amateur Heralds (lovely people who really know heraldry -- you can see our achievement here:…hool.html), but we unexpectedly saw the very same coat-of-arms used by a local chamber of commerce one week later. So, we're really, really serious about this being UNIQUE.

You can submit other options than a coat-of-arms. We have been tied to the idea of a coat-of-arms, but you can do more or different things. Sometimes the client thinks they want something in particular until they see something unexpected that they like. Don't let the seal completely block you off from creating an amazing logo.

We will use this logo as the basis for our re-branding efforts. Several additiional projects will be based on this design (e.g., a modern version for everyday use; stationery (formal and informal/everyday use); business cards; web site theme (Drupal 6); silk screening and embroidering on uniforms. So, if we find a designer we like we will have future work available.

A little about Holy Cross School:

Our students come from very diverse backgrounds and countries all over the world, making Holy Cross an international school. Holy Cross graduates excel in high school, college, and anything beyond.

We have the single best high-school preparatory program for middle school students (grades 6-8) in our area, and our high school placement record is superb.

We have an inclusion program that allows children with significant disabilities and/or learning differences to participate in a mainstream classroom. This is nearly unique in our area as most private schools won't even take these students and the public schools won't put them in mainstream classrooms.

We are a small school of ~220 students. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10, which is excellent compared to other schools, especially when our tuition is comparable to those other schools. As a result, our school has an intimate, caring feel.

Our current web site (with our current logo) is at A prototype of our new web site (currently using our existing logo, but will be replaced with the new logo) is at


- Heraldic coat-of-arms (shield or oval cartouche; torse of the colors; and crest -- no helm or mantling)
- Use of school colors: primary color is Green (PMS 356), secondary color is white/silver (in heraldry, silver is depicted as white), and, as an accent color, gold
- School mascot is a golden-tailed hawk and should be used as the crest (depicted however you like)
- School tag line is "Faith. Scholarship. Service" and may be used as inspiration for the coat-of-arms
- The following items may be used as inspiration or tie-ins:- The Sisters of the Holy Cross included a pair of anchors crossed behind a Cross and open Bible in their seal that may be used as inspiration (
- The coat-of-arms of the Archdiocese of Washington (shown at top of page at may be used as inspiration/tie-in.
- The state flag of Maryland  (see and flarg of Montgomery County (see…story.pdf) may be used for inspiration. The PDF file for Montgomery County provides other information about the region in which Holy Cross resides
- The Archbishop of Washington who ordered the creation of the parish and school, Patrick Cardinal O'Boyle, has the following coat-of-arms (see…dinal_US_O that may be used as inspiration/tie-in
- Other information on ecclesiastical heraldry can be found at:-…l_heraldry
- Art must be in a vector format like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
- The winning designer acknowledges that this is a work-for-hire arrangement; agrees that all concepts, ideas, copies, sketches, art work, electronic files, and other materials become the property of Holy Cross School upon payment; warrants that all concepts, ideas, copies, sketches, art work, electronic files, and other materials produced do not infringe on any copyright or personal or proprietorial rights of others; and agrees to convey to Holy Cross School all right, title, and interest in and to any copyright of all concepts, ideas, copies, sketches, art work, electronic files, and other materials produced.

Ne veut pas

- Something that is too much like other logos. It must be UNIQUE
- A logo that is too complicated
- Something that can't be easily recognized when sized down
- Something cheesy -- this needs to be classy

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